S/he’s Actually into You

Let’s set things straight: both guys and girls are complicated when it comes to relationships. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in trying to decipher the signals that crushie is giving you, but if you want to know if crushie is really into you? Read up!

So you’ve been talking to this guy/girl for about a month now and things seem to be going well. You’ve already imagined how your first date is going to turn out, what you’re going to wear – the whole shebang. And then, ‘lo and behold, they post a photo with their significant other on their social media.

That’s okay! We’ve all been there before but we’ve got to admit that it’s often difficult to tell if a person really likes you. Here are guaranteed signs that you can easily pick up on to tell if s/he’s actually into you.

The Eyes
Is s/he constantly making eye contact with you? That’s good! When s/he hold your gaze for a few seconds, it pretty much guarantees that there’s at least an interest there.

The Touch
Is his/her hand always on your shoulder? Does s/he lightly nudge you in the arm? Does s/he randomly give you hugs? Bes, I think we can safely say that they’re into you. (So please, touch them back so they know that you’re interested too!)

The Friends
If you’re out with a group of their friends, make sure to observe them because as any good group of friends would do, they’ll make sure to tease their buddy if s/he’s hanging out with the person s/he is interested in!

Keep an eye out for the signs, people!


Meet the Parents – and Other Scary Situations

There are several memorable moments in any relationship – and meeting your partner’s parents is definitely one of them. If you want to know how to make a good impression, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Relationships are like walking on a tight rope – it’s a lot of fun and thrilling but it’s also pretty terrifying. And yes, it takes an extreme amount of effort to get to the other side, and we’re here to help you cross that tight rope to the sound of wedding bells, and happily ever afters. So keep reading!

The Check
This is particularly tricky on the first date. Do you keep the age-old tradition of letting the guy pay first? Or does the person who proposed the date pay? Or, to be square, do you each just pay for what you ordered? Simply talk it out once the bill arrives and calmly discuss among yourselves your preferred way of paying for tonight’s check!

Your First Fight
The first fight is truly frightening because it’s like the person you’re dating is changing form right on front of your eyes when you’ve only ever known them as happy and accommodating. Always remember to keep your cool though, and do your best not to say anything that guarantees an end to your relationship.

Meeting the Parents
Ahh, here we are, the most terrifying part of any relationship: meeting the parents whose opinion of you could weigh more than gold. Make sure to do the following: Dress appropriately; bring a gift for the parents; flatter the mom about how well she raised her child, and absolutely no PDA.

Best of luck in all your relationship struggles, guys! Make sure to work hard on ‘em, and you’re bound to be your friends’ #RelationshipGoals.


It’s Time to Get Serious with You

Are you breaking up? Or are you taking things to the next level? Sometimes, words can be tricky and you end up going out of your mind trying to figure out what your significant other means. Worry not, for we’re here to help decipher them.

So you’re at a fancy restaurant, and you’ve had a pretty great dinner with your significant other; S/he orders some dessert and offers to pay the bill. While waiting, s/he takes your hand, looks you dead in the eye and say, “It’s time to get serious. Let’s talk.” Do you: (a) freak out? (b) square your shoulders and prepare for the worst? or (c) flee the room, never to be seen again?

In this scenario, your significant other is either going to break up with you, or propose to take your relationship to the next level (whether that’s moving in, getting married, or adopting a pet together). Clearly, it’s hard to understand given the wording used, but if you’ve been keen in your relationship, you’ll be able to tell if s/he’s dumping you, or not.

Break-up: They’ve been distant.
It’s a slow, but sure sign that your significant other is about to break up with you. You may not notice it, but there’s a lot less texting, and IM-ing going on, and if the dinner conversation has been awkward and forced, then brace yourself.

Next level: They’re getting sentimental.
If they’re spending a good amount of time flipping through photos of the two of you, or constantly reminiscing about the fond memories you’ve shared over the past years, then a proposal of some sort is bound to happen soon.
Break up: They’re always on their phones.
Now, this may not mean that they’re cheating on you, per se, but their interest is definitely not with you. If they prefer to be constantly on their phones rather than conversing with you, something is really wrong.

Next level: They’ve been asking about your family.
Are they making plans that involve your family? Or they’ve been asking what your parents or siblings have been up to? If they are, then don’t worry, things are looking good! Your S.O. feels comfortable enough with your family to talk to you about them.

Whether it’s a good or bad kind of “serious” s/he wants to get with you, make sure you keep a level head. #JRPArtOfThePitch

3 Solutions for your resolutions

Solutions for Your Resolutions.

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions at the start of the year, but not everyone sticks to them. Want to know how to keep at your resolutions? We’re here to show you.

Everyone makes resolutions during the new year, but only a few people actually follow them through the end of the year. There seems to be something about New Year’s resolutions that make them seemingly impossible to continue as the year progresses. If you really want to change in the new year, we’ve got a few solutions for your New Year’s Resolutions.

Keep them simple.
Your resolution might be a complete overhaul of your lifestyle (i.e. going vegan), and while it may seem like a great idea, you’re most likely just going to end up disappointing yourself. Make your resolutions simple, perhaps, instead of going all-out vegan, you can vow not to eat chicken for the year.

Chunk them out.
Break down your goals, to easier, more manageable chunks. The more planning it is you do, the more will-power you’ll have to see the goal through, and the more likely it is for you to accomplish your goals by the time the year ends, or maybe even before that.

Make a time frame.
Your time frames are more or less the barometer of your success. Slowly, but surely, you assess a short-term goal, that when merged together, starts to form your long-term goal. Meeting your own personal deadlines will feel good and motivate you to continue on with your resolution.

Treat yourself.
In your planning a resolution, make sure to include some time for you to treat yourself for achieving your goals, even if they may seem small. Just try not to overdo it because you may end up just treating yourself and not actually working on your resolution.
Change is often good, so make some good changes this new year and work hard on being a happier, healthier, and better you!


2 Everyday Beauty Queen 101

Every Day Beauty Queen 101.

Being a beauty queen takes a lot of work, but it doesn’t require a crown, or long gowns. In keeping with the Miss Universe fever, we’ve got a few tips on how to be an everyday beauty queen.

Take care of your skin.
Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, and as a beauty queen, your skin has to be clean and flawless. Taking care of your skin is the first step to being a true, every day beauty queen, and you can do that by using products that contain vitamin C and retinol, and by consulting your dermatologist.

Improve your makeup skills.
While beauty queens are naturally, well, beautiful, they know how to enhance their beauty by putting on makeup. It’s easy nowadays to learn how to use makeup by yourself (thank you, YouTube), but it’s always best to learn from a professional, and luckily JRP has classes that will teach you the art of makeup.

Walk the walk.
In order for Miss Universe contestants to truly stand out, they need to have a signature walk. Now, while it’s probably best not to sashay as you cross highways, it is important to stand tall and walk with confidence and pride. So walk the walk that makes you feel like a confident beauty queen.

Practice that smile.
A beautiful person becomes even more beautiful when they have a great smile. So, even though it looks weird to anyone who may catch you doing it, but practice your smiles in front of the mirror to see which one brings out the most beautiful version of yourself.

Read up.
The most critical part of any beauty pageant is the question and answer portion, and that’s because to be a true queen, you’ve got to be witty. So, don’t stop reading, and learning new things because it’s your brains that’ll get you to win the pageant and in life.