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The Tell Off

Managing your people is already a difficult enough act, even if your people are working well. It becomes doubly difficult then, when employees make mistakes that you just can’t ignore. Although the act of reprimanding someone is never, ever fun, it is necessary for your employees to do better and to keep them from making the same mistakes again in the future. We’re here to help you find the best way to tell off your employees.

1. Tell them now.
While it’s tempting to wait a bit before reprimanding your employees, it’s probably best for you to do it ASAP so they can fix their mistakes quickly, and with minimal damage. The same goes for praising your employees—if they do something great, tell them right away!

2. Write down exactly what you want to say.
Write down all the things you need to cover with your employees beforehand. So, when you actually get to the tell off, you don’t stray too far off the topic or bring in previous mistakes that have already been addressed.

3. Help out.
Make sure you offer help in correcting your employees’ mistakes. As their boss, you would know better and your guidance is of great help to them. It also makes them feel safer to ask help from you in the future in the event that they’re uncertain about something they’re doing.

4. Keep things private.
Lastly, make sure that you do the tell off in private. Nothing is worse than having to be told off in front of other people. Even such a minor rebuke in front of others can have negative effects on people.

When your employees know what needs to be done, it’s good news for everyone. Learn more at John Robert Powers.

July 25 Blog Visual

Introduce Yourself (No Way!) Introduce Yourself (Okay!)

Networking is a challenging skill in any world of business. Learning how and when to properly introduce yourself is necessary if you want to improve your career. However, it can also be really difficult (and terrifying). So, we’re here to help you figure out, when, where, and how to properly introduce yourself in various social settings:

• Through E-Mail
We’ve all had to send an e-mail to someone we’ve never met face-to-face, and it can be tricky then to properly introduce yourself through a screen. Simply put, just remember to explain who you are (My name is…), how you got the other’s e-mail address, and your reason for writing.

• The Business Card
While business cards are important, using ONLY your business card to introduce yourself at any type of event, is irresponsible. Introduce yourself first; make that eye contact and let them know who you are and why you’re at this meeting or event and THEN give your business card.

• At An Interview
When you’re at an interview, you’ll want to keep your introduction brief, but extensive enough to highlight aspects of your career, accomplishments and interests that align with the company you’re applying for.

• In A Meeting
If it’s your first time to meet a client, it’s probably best to let your boss or colleague introduce you first. Once that’s done, make sure to let the client know why you’re at the meeting so they know that you have something to contribute.

Introducing yourself is crucial. It could make or break your career! So, remember to introduce yourself with confidence and learn the Art of the Pitch at JRP.

Blog 3 - I know who iam

I Know Who I Am

The road to self-improvement can properly begin once we figure out who we are, and that’s admittedly easier said than done. So if you’re having a difficult time knowing yourself, we’ve got a few tips on self-discovery:
• Make sense of your past.
Take a step back and look at what’s happened in your life. Were there any experiences or events that created such a big impact on you? Or were there moments that hurt you too much that until now, you’re still not over them? Making sense of your past helps you understand how and why the way you are right now.
• Your thoughts or others’ thoughts?
Sometimes we tend to think a certain way because the people around you think that way. So, try and really see if your opinions and beliefs are really yours, or something that everyone has just forced on you. Knowing your thoughts and ideas will solidify your own personality.
• Organize!
If the world around you is messy and chaotic, that’ll affect the way you view yourself, and get in the way of figuring out your identity. Start small – clean up your room, make a schedule for important meetings and days, this’ll help you move forward, and clear the path towards self-improvement.
• Rely on yourself.
If you don’t have self-worth, you’ll always be swayed by others, and lose yourself in what others think you are, rather than what you really are. So, start doing things by yourself even if they may seem scary at first. Book your own appointments. Learn to drive. Be self-reliant. It’ll help you be more confident and confidence is powers!

It’s a difficult journey ahead, but not one that can be done with enough effort and resilience. Learn the Art of the Pitch at JRP.

Blog1 - First Day Fashion

First Day Fashion

A first good impression can be hard to make; but it could probably be easier when you’re 100% sure you look good. Check out our first day fashion suggestions here.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day at a new company, or your first working day ever. First days are always pretty nerve-wracking. While we can’t help you remove all those nerves completely, we can help you be a bit more confident when you step through those doors – by helping you choose the perfect outfit to wear on your first day. After all, it’s been proven that a great outfit boosts confidence and increases productivity! So, here are our tips for your first day fashion:

• Know the dress code.
No one wants to be that person who wears either a shirt-and-jeans combo in a corporate setting, or that person wearing a three-piece suit while everyone’s a bit more lax. So, find out if your office prefers a more casual look or more formal clothing from their employees.

• Remember your commute.
If you’re going to have to fight through a throng of people on the train, the bus, or even in line for that taxi, maybe try to think of an outfit that won’t end up a wrinkly mess once you get to the office.

• When in doubt, go neutral.
Bright and outrageous outfits tend to be a silent way of grabbing people’s attention. And as the new guy/girl, you’re already doing that on your own, so you don’t want your outfit to be the first thing that speaks for you. Stick to black, brown, tan or navy pieces. They look great on everyone, and will help you blend right in.

• Make sure it fits.
Essentially, anything that’s overly baggy or too tight has a tendency to look unprofessional. So try to find something that’s comfortable but also fits properly!
With these in mind, find an outfit that works well for you, and make sure to walk in that office with confidence, because Confidence is Powers!

June Blog 2 - wedding

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s officially wedding season, and it seems like everyone’s getting married. So, with a seemingly infinite amount of possible gifts out there, it’s going to be hard to choose what you’d like to give a newly-wed couple. A rice cooker? A frying pan? What do you buy? What’s your budget? Well then, read up on our wedding gift tips!

-The Registry.
If the couple has a registry in any particular store, the safest bet would be to get them something from there. They’ve already listed down what they want, so you’re 100% sure that they’re going to like what you’ve gotten them. Just make sure that you include a heartfelt message on the card.

-Something Personal.
If the registry seems impersonal to you, then go ahead and get, or make something personal for the couple. It could be a framed photo of the first time they’ve met, or some customized coffee mugs for your caffeine-dependent couples. This tells your friends that you really know them and wish them happiness for their future.

-Grab a Friend.
If you can’t afford that big ticket item that you’re sure your friends would love, and you don’t want to buy them something that’ll fit your budget, but isn’t as impactful, then ask your group of friends to split the big ticket item gift with you. That way, you get to give your friends something nice, and not break the bank in the process!

-Cover the Basics.
Try to focus on things that are casual, or the couple could use in their day-to-day lives. Plain towels, and utensils may seem boring, but are really functional that the couple will end up using them.

-No Home Decors.
That sculpture may seem like the coolest, and most interesting piece of (affordable) art, you’ve seen, but you don’t know if the couple agrees with you. Remember, you never really know anyone’s taste, and it’s their home. So best let them make the decision of what to hang on their wall, or display on their shelves.
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