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Bond, Team Bond

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If you want your team to be happy and engaged, simply providing them with free food, bean bags, or gym membership discounts isn’t going to cut it. Sure, those things help but what really gets a team going even in the worst of times is a good employee-employer relationship. So, here are a few tips to strengthen the employee-employer bond, as well as the employee-employee bond:

1. Non-work Life Discussions
Don’t end with the cliché, “What did you do this weekend?” but rather ask them about their interests, their families, any new shows they’d like to recommend, etc. It’s these kinds of questions that help you understand your team on a more personal level, and make sense of their actions and preferences.

2. Interesting Activities
Even the best teams can benefit from some team bonding activities. Try to stay away from activities that everyone has already tried and get your team to experience some unique bonding experiences like: game board night, a round of archery tag or attend an art workshop bonding, etc.

3. Group Dinners
While big activities are a great way to bond, having a constant, casual activities like dinners or coffee out with your team solidify your their engagement with one another. Having a conducive place for them to relax with you, and each other ensures a relationship that no longer relies on work to exist.

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