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First of all, what is a go see? A go see is basically an audition for models where you can meet with an agency, a manager, or a designer.

So, when you go to a casting call or a go see, remember that the rule of thumb is to keep your styling to a minimum! What you really should be bringing with you is your natural beauty and talent—these are what they should remember the most about you.

What to Wear to a Go See

The agencies usually send in a list of things that you need to bring and this includes your portfolio. Make sure you research beforehand what the modeling job is for so you can include photos of a similar theme shoot or modeling experience.

When in doubt as to what to wear or how to look, always go for simple styling but make sure to keep your look sleek and neat. Get in touch with John Robert Powers for more modeling tips.



A go see is an interview or an audition for models. If you have the confidence, self-esteem, and the capability to show how well you can project the client’s concepts, you’ll get the job. Take note of these tips:


Remember to be cautious of the go see or casting calls that you go to. To avoid getting scammed, make sure you only attend the events hosted or run by trusted agencies, designers, etc. For more tips and information about modeling, get in touch with John Robert Powers and let us help you on your journey to the top.


Saying Goodbye

Whether it’s in the middle of a group conversation, or chatting with an acquaintance in the elevator, knowing how to politely and respectfully say goodbye is a necessity. Here’s a few tips on how to properly say goodbye.

Knowing how and when to say goodbye can be quite difficult. However, learning how to do so politely, eloquently and respectfully helps you maintain and even strengthen your relationships with people around you. It’s easier than you think. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye, read on.

1. Read the room.
Is the crowd starting to thin out at a party oris the person you’re conversing with starting to fidget a bit? That may be a sign that it’s time for you to bow out. Overstaying one’s welcome whether in a house or in a conversation comes off to be rude so be sure to read the room and watch out for body language to queue your exit.

2. “Let’s do this again soon!”
Saying goodbye becomes less awkward when you make plans to see each other soon, that this won’t be an isolated event. It shows that you’re making an active effort to continue getting to know the person or people that you’ve spent time with and keeps the goodbye light and fun.

3. Thank them.
Whether it’s for a party or even just for someone’s company, show some appreciation for the good time you’ve had by saying thank you. It’ll mean much more than you probably realize.

4. Tell the truth.
As much as you’d like to come up with a “good” excuse in order to leave, it’s better to just tell the truth, and don’t come up with a fake excuse to say goodbye. Saying you have to leave and leaving it at that is better than coming up with a lie or even worse: leaving without saying goodbye.

Socializing can be really tricky but you can learn how to be better at it at John Robert Powers. Learn the Art of the Pitch at JRP.

Blogapalooza and Project Headshot Clinic team up for #ResponsibleMedia


Blogapalooza and Project Headshot Clinic team up for #ResponsibleMedia

The role of media as a primary vehicle in influencing public opinion and dynamics is recognizably significant. Millennials, with the upper hand in the potent forces of technology and social media, have the capacity to utilize these forcesin a manner that is fast and wide-reaching, maximizing impact. With the many challenging issues that society faces each day, social media empowers every individual to be an instrument of change with just a few taps and clicks. Every person has the power to make things trend and be discussed to a greater extent.This power entails the social responsibility of being agents of change and putting to good use the power to influence.


With this, Blogapalooza, together with Project Headshot Clinic, spearheads an online campaign called #ResponsibleMedia, a social media advocacy movement designed to promote a smarter and wiser media landscape, where important issues are encouraged to be discussed openly and objectively. The objective of this movement is to open discussions about imperative issues involving the interest of the general public. The vision is for consumers and creators of content to talk about the country’s most pressing and most relevant issues in a richer and more profound manner, enabling the emergence of a wiser and smarter public that cares and is knowledgeable about the significant forces that drive the country’s swings and sways.

Responsible media is objective and not askew, allowing for different perspectives to be represented. It is proactive and responsive to the call for relevance and integrity of content. It promotes love for country, care for countrymen, trustworthiness in creation and sharing of content, and ethical media practice.

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#ResponsibleMedia aims to make it highly personal for all its supporters.Advocates are encouragedto share news and create content relevant to them in their own respective fields – be it in fashion, beauty, sports, showbiz, music, art, travel, food, technology, even personal relationships or personal experiences. Advocates and supporters can create and share content that is relevant in their field of interest, keeping the integrity of the social media advocacy. The goal is to keep the content angled in such a way that media as a catalyst for change is highlighted.

#ResponsibleMedia aims to pave the way for the social media generation to beissue champions – instrumental to how the public perceives issues. The movement will pave the way for a Filipino populace that is well-informed and keeps an eye on matters of concern.

John Robert Powers supports the campaign #ResponsibleMedia


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John Robert Powers has always been an institution that instills excellence, empowers individuals, and enhances people’s potential. It has been a bridge to ignite people’s passion, embrace their individuality, and mold them to be social influencers and catalysts of change. Through social media, the millenials, Gen Z and yuppies – a generation perceived as self-absorbed, indifferent, restless, and entitled because they are hyper-connected and highly-accessible can definitely break these labels. They can turn the game into a contributive act by maximizing the medium to speak of sensible opinions and by utilizing this avenue to begin a valuable discourse in sharing relevant issues; one trend and one hashtag at a time. #jrptowardsresponsiblemedia