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S/he’s Actually into You

Let’s set things straight: both guys and girls are complicated when it comes to relationships. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in trying to decipher the signals that crushie is giving you, but if you want to know if crushie is really into you? Read up!

So you’ve been talking to this guy/girl for about a month now and things seem to be going well. You’ve already imagined how your first date is going to turn out, what you’re going to wear – the whole shebang. And then, ‘lo and behold, they post a photo with their significant other on their social media.

That’s okay! We’ve all been there before but we’ve got to admit that it’s often difficult to tell if a person really likes you. Here are guaranteed signs that you can easily pick up on to tell if s/he’s actually into you.

The Eyes
Is s/he constantly making eye contact with you? That’s good! When s/he hold your gaze for a few seconds, it pretty much guarantees that there’s at least an interest there.

The Touch
Is his/her hand always on your shoulder? Does s/he lightly nudge you in the arm? Does s/he randomly give you hugs? Bes, I think we can safely say that they’re into you. (So please, touch them back so they know that you’re interested too!)

The Friends
If you’re out with a group of their friends, make sure to observe them because as any good group of friends would do, they’ll make sure to tease their buddy if s/he’s hanging out with the person s/he is interested in!

Keep an eye out for the signs, people!



We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in situations where a friend we really like just acts in the way we really hate. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it just consumes us with irritation and we become exhausted with our patience. The more understanding of us would sit through the event albeit begrudgingly. But the less compromising of us would either find an excuse to have an out from it, or just blatantly walk out.

Yes, we are talking about our friends who are Nega Stars. They are good people for the most part, but they are meticulous in finding the downsides to any situation. To them, the littlest of dilemmas sound like the end of the world. We doubt if the sun even shines on their skies in the morning.

Because they are our friends, and hard it may beto admit, we would rather put up with their rants and tirades than lose their presence in our lives. We must find a way to tolerate their ways and influence a change in their behavior. Here are two possible ways to achieve this.


A good trick is to make sure that when you are going out with one of your nega friends, make sure the more optimistic people outnumber the pessimistic ones. If there is one negafriend, be sure you’re at least three. If there are two, then have five. Why? Because it is important to out-voice the negativity in conversations. Note that while you might not be able to change their perspective in life, you sure can keep them pacified just by talking about happy memories that make you literally laugh out loud. Every time they try to put a wet blanket on the topic, you and your friends can just maneuver the conversation to something light and laughable and that should keep the get-together fun and cheerful.


Before you say anything, we are not implying that you terminate their friendship completely. Just stay away and meet them from time to time. Why? Because while positivity is infectious, negativity is even more so. It is energy-consuming to be in their presence and before you know it, you are dry and depleted from all their comments and criticisms on the most pedestrian concerns. Sometimes, because of the constant exposure to this apocalyptic point of view, you end up becoming a negastar yourself, and that is the last thing that you want. So, veer away from these friends of yours and surround yourself with positive and happy people. You can still see your nega friends occasionally, but they should not be the friends that you should be hanging out with every single day of the week.

To counter the nega star, you have to have a personality and character that exude positivity and good humor. You must be the joy that everyone wants to be with and fortunately, that can be learned at John Robert Powers. Improve your attitude and develop your personality.

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How I Survived English


How I Survived English

by Maureen Vivas

When I was younger, I hated English. I. Hated. It. It was a stupid language and the subject-verb agreements are weird: teach, taught, catch, caught. The words turn into a totally different spelling just by changing the tense or whatever the hell you call it. I was so near to failing the subject. But come high school, a great English teacher entered the picture – Ms. Joy Cruz. She was the kind of teacher you would feel very guilty if you doctored a book report. She was a good speaker, a good teacher and a good friend. My survival started there. I started to read novels for real and I understood movies and TV series more clearly.

More than the teacher that helped me get through my weakness; Twilight Saga is the first series I read religiously. I could not get the phone out of my face. I was reading through PDF then. I was just a mere student who could not buy paperbacks. And then I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief alone, found out that it was a book adaptation and got obsessed with the series. For the first three books, I was reading through my laptop. It was so hard. It was too big, heavy and inconvenient. Plus, I could only read at home because I could not carry my laptop around and read books anywhere I wanted to. Nevertheless, I finished reading all five books and now, including the Heroes of Olympus series.

I like watching movies even when I was a kid and growing up, I learned to appreciate the act of watching movies alone. If no one would come with me, then I would go alone. It made me appreciate the films more anyway. I am into Disney Channel as well. I am a self-proclaimed Disney-baby – no – a self-proclaimed Disney princess. Princess Maureen. Me likey!

In short, I learned to love the language to the point where I was writing in the school paper and posting articles on my own blog site. Even when I was a kid, I like filling diaries and journals of my story. I have tons of notebooks and journals full of crazy stories. I, too, am the kind of person who transfers emotions into writings and I believe that honed me into loving the language even more. I am not perfect, but I did survive and am still surviving.

I also realized that when no one is forcing me to like, love, or learn something, I appreciate it on my own. There must also be a correct timing for everything. And for me, adolescent was the right time to appreciate English. Through this love and passion for the language, I am now on my way to becoming a professional teacher. I have taken 16 units of Education subjects to qualify in taking the LET – fingers crossed.

The shameful truth though, is that I know more about English grammar than Filipino grammar; I read more English novels than Filipino novels. This is so hypocritical of me. I know. I am the one who keeps on telling my friends to be patriotic, but what am I practicing here? I love the Philippines and the Filipino Language and I am sorry for not being the best on the grammar. One thing I realized through writing this is that I need to read more. All these learnings have not been enough. I keep on saying that before one masters the English grammar; he or she must be a master of his or her mother tongue first. In time, I will be the master of both. I promise.

Disney Channel is in English, the books I read are written in English and yet I find it stupid and weird? Maybe I am weird. Yeah! I am weird.

Dear JRP – A Letter From Someone Stuck

Stuck_-_March_-_3rdarticleDear JRP,

My first year in college is almost over, and I feel stuck. I’m hopeful and excited for the future. I feel like college is the last chance to prepare myself for adulthood and yet I think I’m the only one who feels this. My high school barkada are the same, still talking about the same things. Although I love them, I’m more interested in exploring new experiences than reliving high school. How do I move forward?


Dear Stuck,

First of all, you’re not the only one who feels that way. What you’re feeling now is normal for your age. You’re faced with this big world – wanting to try new things, yet hesitant to actually try them. So, “How do I move forward?” Well, to answer that simply: It’s when you act on opportunities for new experiences.

Let’s say you’re surfing online – retweeting a funny photo, scrolling through your Facebook feed, or coming across a YouTube video. What you click, says a lot about what you’re interested in. So, let’s start with that! Remember that post you liked about a music festival next Saturday? Why not try attending it? When you go to events you’re interested in, with people of the same interests and are bound to be there. It’s easier to talk to someone when you have a common ground. So, don’t feel pressured to find things to talk about. Why not try asking someone about his/her opinion of the band that just played? Whatever response you get – work with it! You either end up with a new friend or a momentary acquaintance but at the end of the day, ask yourself: “Was that fun for me?” If you felt happy, then mark your calendar for the next one but if you felt uncomfortable, then disliking it is totally fine! There is no right or wrong answer – the same thing goes for your process. Just look for what you find interesting! Little by little, you start understanding more about yourself that will help you move forward.

‘Feeling stuck’ is simply what it is – a feeling, because you have the power to change that. You may be on the right path but if you aren’t moving forward then you’re still going nowhere.It may feel scary to explore the unknown on your own but exciting things are surely waiting on the other side. So, let things run its course. Meet new people; experience new things and discover a new and better version of yourself. Now, go on out there!


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How To Find Your Summer Love


Summer love doesn’t only mean having flings during this season. It means finding yourself and the one thing you are truly passionate about. There are many reasons to fall in love during the summer and those don’t happen only with a person; it can be developing a passion for an activity or a new learned hobby. Still lost? Ask yourself: what have you always wanted to try, but never got around to? Now is the time to explore and discover.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING It’s time to get those sneakers on and start breaking them in. There is a world outside the tap-tap games you have on your phones or the NBA game you play at home on your consoles. The world has a lot to offer, and all you have to do is take it. You can search blogs about hiking areas near the metro and see how it’s going to be like when you venture into this.

COOKING is explorative, and there are many twists you can do to a simple dish. This summer, you finally have the time to learn how to make your favorite dish and add some of your own flavors to it. What’s even more fun is perfecting a dish, serving it to your family and seeing the delightful reactions they will have once they have tasted your delicious, hearty meal.

TRAVELING AROUND THE COUNTRY would be a wonderful summer kind of love too. It will teach you different cultures of other people and see the beauty of your own country. See for yourself why so many people around the globe are drawn to like Bacolod, Cebu, Palawan, and the like. Take photos of these beautiful locations and appreciate the scenic backdrop.

RESTAURANT HOPPING is a way to fall in love with different cuisines and new dishes. For starters, if you don’t like sushi why not give it a try? If you don’t like dumplings, why not share an order with a friend? Take advantage of the free time you have and become the ultimate foodie. JRP tip: document your experience and start a food blog!

PUTTING UP  YOUR OWN BUSINESS is definitely a long-term kind of love. Starting your business can be a bit tricky, especially if there is a monopoly, so it’s best to add a personal touch. If you want to start up a business, think of what you want to invest in and spend on. Seek advice from people whom you know have knowledge about this and see if you can handle it on your own, or if you would need to involve a partner.

Nevertheless, whatever kind of love you find this summer, enjoy and make the most of it. Don’t waste your time on sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. For more tips on personal development, contact John Robert Powers today!