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Inspirational Stories – Josh Duhamel

josh duhamelSince the founding of John Robert Powers in 1923, the courses we offer have boosted a range of talents into the limelight. We love to share their success stories as it shows our alumni have gone on to achieve their dreams. One of our most well-known students, Josh Duhamel, is a prime example. Josh attended programs at the Sacramento branch of John Robert Powers in California, and has since become a high-profile Hollywood actor.

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Inspirational Stories- Jessica Sanchez

jessica sanchezSince the creation of John Robert Powers in 1923, our courses have produced an abundance of talented individuals, who have gone on to achieve great things, so we would like to share their inspirational stories. One of John Robert Powers’ most successful alumni, Jessica Sanchez, attended programs at the San Diego branch in 2006 and has since gone on to become a global singing sensation.

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Facilitators’ Testimonials

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at John Robert Powers? We caught up with four facilitators from various courses to gain an insight into what they do and why they love teaching.

Gerardo N. Peralta teaches Voice Communication and runs the Teacher-Led Conversation Club.

JRP teacher

“I was about to end my Voice Communication 1 class when a young student raised her hand. She said, ‘I have a disorder. Usually I start walking around just minutes after the class starts, but in your class I sat down until… now! It’s so interesting.’ My heart melted. Whether a student is a CEO, a celebrity singer or host, an executive or a pre-teen; I make sure I follow the FI-WI principle to Find their Interest and Win their Interest. That’s because I feel, here at JRP, we keep our students’ interests not only in mind, but in our hearts.”

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ELP Students’ Testimonials

Jenibelle Dumayas, 46, Engineer:

Jenibelle found out about John Robert Powers through an advertisement and decided to join the English Communication Enhancement Intermediate class for six months to improve her communication skills.

 “The English Learning Program of JRP has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation of words, everyday communication skills and public speaking skills.  It has also helped me gain confidence in delivering speeches, lectures and reports.  Improving your communication skills is definitely not hard if it is done with JRP. Learning is not hard when you enjoy it!”

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