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Neutralize Negativity, Respond with Positivity

positivityHave you ever been in a situation where you are feeling good about yourself or proud of something you’ve achieved, when all of a sudden someone bursts your feel-good bubble with a careless, tactless and negative comment? How can we shield ourselves from negative people? How do we keep our spirits high in the face of un-affirming, antagonistic, bullying behaviour? Read these positivity tips from John Robert Powers to find out how.

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Get Fit While Having Fun

get fit

Committing to a healthy routine can prove to be difficult when there always seems to be so much going on. With school, homework, extra-curricular activities and of course, finding the time to occasionally hang out with your friends, it can all seem a little overwhelming. Worry not, there is always a solution! Just get your best friends to follow these tips from John Robert Powers and get fit while having fun together. Continue reading