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Study Habits- the ones to keep & the ones to kick!

study tipsDo you struggle with time management and always seem to fall behind on your workload? Or are you just a procrastinator extraordinaire? Either way, you probably didn’t realize that there are some simple ways to increase your productivity; all you need to do is know which study habits to keep and which ones to kick in order to work more efficiently. At John Robert Powers we encourage our students to realize their full potential and find success. Follow this quick tip guide to study smarter, not harder, and we bet you’ll either ace your next exam or never miss a deadline again.

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Stop Worrying How to Be Beautiful & Follow These Beauty Tips!

beautyDo you constantly spend time comparing yourself to people with flawless skin and immaculate make up? The quest to figure out how to be beautiful is an age-old pursuit and people from around the world have been debating the best beauty secrets for centuries. As a result, weird and wonderful advice has been passed down through generations.  While many of us are keen to experiment with unusual remedies, the fact is that a healthy diet and a touch of make up can help you look and feel like a million dollars, it’s as simple as that! Be the best you can be by following these five top beauty tips from John Robert Powers.

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How to Deal with Cyber Bullying

cyber bullying

Have you been receiving threatening or humiliating messages on your mobile phone, via email or on your social networking sites? Are you feeling anxious, hurt, harassed and overwhelmed? Stop feeling helpless and intimidated by taking action; you have the power to put a decisive stop to cyber bullying. Follow John Robert Powers’ trusted advice by taking these steps to protect yourself.

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Job Interview Tips to Kickstart Your Career

job interview tips

What a lot of people don’t realise is that submitting your CV is the easiest part of the process and making it through to the interview stage is only the first hurdle in the race to find a new job. Once you reach this point you need to ensure you have the business etiquette to make a lasting impression. Excellent communication skills will also work in your favour and set you apart from the competition. At John Robert Powers, it is our goal to empower our students to realise their full potential and find success. Follow these five simple job interview tips to help you land your dream job and kickstart your career.

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5 Easy Steps to Boost your Confidence Today!

confidence boost

Always feeling down in the dumps and stuck for ways to inject a daily dose of confidence into your life? Believe it or not there are some simple, practical and oh-so-easy ways to make your self-confidence soar. At John Robert Powers, we aim to empower our students to take advantage of their personality in order to realize their full potential and find success. Follow these five top tips to boost your confidence and we guarantee you’ll feel amazing every day!

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