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Four People You Need To Meet On Earth

Try looking back at your Facebook profile a few years back.
Is it like looking at a different person?

You may cringe or laugh, and think how unrecognizably different you are today. Be it how you write your tweets, or your entire Instagram aesthetic, whatever change took place, they’re because of influences from the outside world –the environment you’re in, experiences you’ve had, and the people you meet.
As you go through the motions of life, you’re bound to bump into people along the way and if there are five people you meet in heaven, there are four you need to meet on earth:

The Red Carpet Pal
During times you feel down, this person always shows you the good side of things. This someonesees a lot in you, fully supports you, and gives you the push you need at the most crucial of times.This pal sees in you what you often forget to recognize, especially when you’re not in tiptop condition. This person is the one who reveals your strengths –even if you yourself aren’t able to see them.

The Blunt Buddy
Theywon’t tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear. It may sound harsh, but be assured that your buddyalways wants what’s best for you. They may be rough on how they say it, but the truth is its core. They’re the most real among your friends and will always have your back. This person is the one who exposes your weaknesses–the parts of yourself that you aren’t so proud of, but you fight to change.

The Competitive Rival
Whether it’s contests at school or a friendly game of cards, trust that your rival brings out your competitive side – giving you that nudge to strive harder, that push to jump further, or that playful taunt to keep you going. This person is the one who challenges you to do better– even if that means you lose once in a while.

The Wise Mentor
Your spiritual guide, your life coach or your sensei – this is the person you trust when it comes to things of the ‘real’ world.Based on their vast knowledge of the world –especially through their own experiences, they give you a glimpse of the life manual andas your mentorguides you along the way. This person believes in you by not only encouraging you, but helps, motivates, and inspires you to be your best.

Open yourself to other people and discover different versions of yourself. Let them bring out the best in you as they reveal your strengths and weaknesses, as well as challenge and inspire you.

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Sleepovers, nights out and endless chats –friends are so much fun!

Friends are always there to hear you out, to cheer you on and to lend a helping hand, but when those chats turn into fights, cheers turn into boos and smiles turn into tears or frowns, maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship.

Is this relationship really all worth it?

When you feel like you can’t be yourself, or it’s always you who’s doing the ‘giving’ or you’re just not happy anymore, these may be signs of a toxic relationship. Whether this relationship is 7 days, 7 months or 7 years long, you need to do something about it:

Diagnose – Assess the relationship.
Look at it from an outsider’s perspective. Step back and try to look at the dynamics as if it’s happening to someone else. Are they treating this person well? Does this person look happy in their company? Does it look like they want to hang out again? If you answered yes, there is something to save. If it’s a no, this might be a toxic relationship.

Accept – See things for what they are.
When you realize you’re in this relationship predicament, the only way you can face it is to do so head on and accept that it’s happening. If this person is treating you in a condescending way, without respect or is just plain awful, you need to acknowledge it! Don’t give excuses for them! “No. It was my fault, anyway.”“Yeah, he’s just joking.” or “Maybe she’s just having a bad day?” If you turn a blind eye, you turn back on ever moving forward.

Act – Make your move.
You don’t have control over others, but you do have control over yourself. If you know that the relationship isn’t fair, do something about it. Try telling this person how you feel; you might just be having a rough patch. Try setting your boundaries. Know and convey when enough is enough. Don’t let them step on you! When all else fails, set a last straw. If they cross the line, it’s your sign to end the relationship.

Manage – Mingle with other people.
It can be difficult to cut ties with someone you’ve called a ‘friend’, but when both of you aren’t growing anymore, then is this really a healthy relationship? It may not seem so right now, but there are other people who can and will appreciate you more. Take it as a challenge to find new and better relationships. Just remember, it’s not the end of the world –just the end of a relationship.

Yes, it can be hard but down the road, you’re doing each other a favor. People will come and go, so learn what you can from every relationship. Find the people who’ll be worth your time, effort and affection, and who will inspire you to grow and become a better person.

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Introspection: Luring Out Your Best Self


It’s 3am. You find yourself lying on your bed. You ponder about life as you delve into the existential questions – often leading to this one question whose answer even philosophers have yet to agree on.

Who am I?

Your principles, beliefs and core values are what comprise who you are – explaining how you think, speak or act the way you do. Knowing what those are is the first step to bring out the best in you. To answer that, you need to probe into your mind and ask yourself these three questions:

What do you love doing – even when youre tired or rushed?

Practicing on weeknights for your band’s gig, staying up late to write a script for a short film, or spending weekends at the animal shelter? They’re what you always find time for–in fact, you even make time for them–the things you’re passionate about. These are the things you do not because you have to but because you want to.

What do you admire most about people?

Do you like how your friend is hard-working yet humble, do you idolize a celebrity for being so down to earth or do you appreciate the kindness of a stranger who helped you out? The things you like about other people–how they are or what they do–are the attributes you want for yourself. How you perceive other people is like looking at a mirror of yourself –reflecting the aspects you want to embody as well.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

From the top of your head, what are the things you’ve achieved that you’re most proud of? Is it a medal you won in school, a charity event your NGO set up, or a long-term friendship you still cherish? Whether it’s related to your career, dreams, friends or family, it says a lot about the important things in your life. These are the things you find value in or what you consider as meaningful.

Your passions, aspirations and inspirations – they are the pillars of who you are. They are also the key to unlocking who you can be!

Keep at what you love doing and get better each day. Make your aspirations a reality and become a better person. Take what’s important to you as inspiration and strive to do better. Let your best self shine through!

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You have something you want to achieve—making it to a managerial position, getting the scholarship to your dream school, or having the green light to your new business venture. In a world with hundreds of thousands of people wanting that same opportunity, you have some competition. How do you stand out?

Be a unicorn – unique and special.

In a world where people crave to belong, be the person who is nothing but him/herself.

A unicorn trots, canters and gallops – it moves on its own pace.

If you feel like you need to take your time, by all means go at it step-by-step. If you feel like you perform best in short bursts of productivity, then why not take a break once in a while? Discover your way of doing things – a process that works best for you and brings out the best in what you do.

A unicorn isn’t bound by a jockey on its back – free to roam and create its own path.

You have your own aspirations, goals and dreams. Don’t let other people dictate what you should and shouldn’t do – it’s your life.It’s fine to take advice from the people you trust but at the end of the day, the decisions you make will be what’s best for you. Seek out new pastures, dare to take the road less traveled and lead your own journey.

A unicorn’s horn is what makes it different – what makes it unique.

Take pride in what makes you different from everyone else – it’s what makes you interesting. Own your individual traits – your hyperactive nature, your dyed ash-gray hair or your all-black ensemble. Embrace what makes you unique so you can stride with confidence. In a world where everyone’s a stallion, be the unicorn.

The next time you’re typing in the Google search box—tips for selling an idea, product or resume—forget the ones that tell you to simply dress appropriately, speak up or act confident. Just imagine the thousands of people aiming to be just that. When you follow the mold of ‘you’re exactly what we’re looking for’, you lose your chance at ‘whatever it is, we want you’.

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You can see it on social media accompanied with photos, from your idea of a perfect relationship, the dream travel destination, to the ideal life known as #Goals. However, people use it in way that it’s something unachievable – something we can only desire and watch from a distance. Who says you can’t achieve your life goals? Ask yourself these three questions and begin your journey towards your ideal self.

Before anything else, you need to have a clear idea of what it is you want – what you would like to be known for or what you want to achieve. Ask yourself what you want – be it a dream, goal or wish. “I hope I can be a more confident person, who isn’t too shy to make new friends! #Goals”. Create this image in your head – a stronger, wiser and better version of yourself –the Me Version 2.0!

Look at yourself in the mirror and observe yourself from the outsiders’ eyes. What do you see? Evaluate yourself in terms of your personality. According to your goal, is it close to the person you want to be or is it far from it? Be honest with yourself. This is where you will assess what area of yourself you need to improve. When you meet new people, do you get nervous or uncomfortable? When you’re conversing with someone, do you fidget and don’t know what to do with your hands? Why do think you act like that? Is it because you had an embarrassing incident in public? Analyze and accept this as who you are now but also promise that you will work to be better.

Coming from knowing what you want and who you are, ask yourself what you can do and make your version 2.0 a reality! What are the changes that you need to do, the things that you need to improve on? Go back to your core values, to lead you where you want to be – what’s important is your real self is aligned with your goals and you must be willing to work on who you are now. If you want to make friends but are unsure how – don’t wait for others to approach you. Maybe, they’re also waiting for someone to approach them, just like you! So, maybe this time you can make the first move. How can I keep myself from fidgeting out of nerves when I talk? Keep your hands occupied with a glass, or a phone (but don’t glance at it too much). Better yet, use your hands to gesture while you talk. Hand gestures make you appear charming, help you relax and let you express yourself better.

The first step to any successful venture is setting your goal. Believe in what you can become, make it happen and allow it to come across to the people you meet. Making friends takes effort and time, but all is worth it in the end. Learn how you can face your social butterflies with JRP.

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