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Setting the Course for College

course-for-college“What do you want to be when you grow up?” How many times have you been asked this question, when you were a kid until now? Maybe the question has morphed into: “What’s your course in college?” But essentially, it’s still the same thing – you setting the course of your life. The good thing is, even if you don’t know the answer or you’re still unsure, that’s okay because you are a work in progress. Your college course can determine your future, but it doesn’t have to limit it. So, don’t be pressured. Instead, look deep inside yourself so you can discover the best course that you can learn from. Why not try looking at it from a new perspective:

  1. Finding your purpose. You may already know what you want; now you just need to find the course that will lead you there. It may be a want, a goal or a mission. “I want to be with animals.” “I want to learn how to cook.” or “I want to save the world.” Being with animals can entail being a zookeeper or a veterinarian. Learning how to cook may lead to being a chef. Healing the world may mean being a doctor or an environmentalist. Start with finding your why,then who knows – it can lead you to who you can be.
  1. Knowing your interests. If you’re not as gung-ho as the kid who wants to save the world, that’s totally fine.You can always start out somewhere familiar. Maybe you’re an artist for your school magazine, a member of the debate team or your class president. The kind of activities you’re involved in say a lot about your interests. These are the things you can pursue into a career. Start with finding what you want then along the way, you’ll discover who you can be.
  1. Seeing your potential. For some of you who are thinking: “I don’t see my purpose or I don’t have much interests.” You may tend to look at the negative side of things. If you’re scared of blood, then maybe being a doctor isn’t for you. If you’re afraid of animals, then maybe being a veterinarian isn’t for you. In finding the things you aren’t able to do, you also find the things you are capable of doing. You may not like speaking in crowds but you’re good with gathering your thoughts and putting them into writing. Start with finding your “no”, then you’ll see how far your “yes” can take you. You will find yourself achieving new things.

What if you change your mind midway? If you do find that it may not be the course for you, then try something else! Nothing is set in stone. As long as there is a desire to learn, there is no limit to what you can become. Learning is a never-ending process – be it from the professors you’ll have or the people you’ll meet. So, grab every opportunity to start a conversation. Discover more and unleash your best self with John Robert Powers.

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Going Out On Your First Date

date-resized“You want to go on a date?” Whether you heard it or you said it, either way you’re going on a date! You feel tingly, excited and happy but when it sinks in, your feelings steadily turn into uneasiness, anxiety and panic. You ask yourself, “How do I get through my ‘first date’?”

Pre-date. Just keep in mind three things when getting ready. First, dress appropriately. Wear the proper outfit depending on your activity. For example, if it involves a lot of walking, wear clothing that lets you move easily. Second, don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable. Feeling uneasy in your clothing makes it harder for you to feel relaxed on your date. So, dress comfortably stylish. Lastly, what you wear greatly reflects your character. Dress to express, not to impress. Think of it like introducing yourself, but through your clothes. Now that you’re set, let’s get to it!

Date-Day. Relax. Remember, they’re probably nervous, too. Try cracking a joke or giving a compliment to ease the tension. Share stories, express your interests and ask questions but also listen. At times, it can be tempting to bring out your phone to remedy an awkward silence, but constantly checking your phone is a no-no. It makes the other person feel like you’re unengaged. Overall, just be yourself. It’s the best gauge to know if someone truly enjoys your company – or if you enjoy theirs as well. So, ease up and have a good time!

Post-date. Going on a date is essentially just getting to know someone, so ask yourself: “Do I want to know more about this person?” If yes, then you might have had a successful one. But, you don’t have to feel the need to label it as love. That’s what the date is for – just knowing if there’s potential in someone. Try asking your friends on their opinion about your date, but try to leave out some details. Since it’s a special moment you share with that person, it’s best to keep it between each other.

A first date can feel like a first crush – exciting, fun and unpredictable. A relationship can develop into a romantic one or simply remain as friendship. What’s great about ‘young love’ is that you’re still young and there are more opportunities for you to mingle and meet new people. Learn more about expanding your social circle with John Robert Powers.

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Blogapalooza and Project Headshot Clinic team up for #ResponsibleMedia


Blogapalooza and Project Headshot Clinic team up for #ResponsibleMedia

The role of media as a primary vehicle in influencing public opinion and dynamics is recognizably significant. Millennials, with the upper hand in the potent forces of technology and social media, have the capacity to utilize these forcesin a manner that is fast and wide-reaching, maximizing impact. With the many challenging issues that society faces each day, social media empowers every individual to be an instrument of change with just a few taps and clicks. Every person has the power to make things trend and be discussed to a greater extent.This power entails the social responsibility of being agents of change and putting to good use the power to influence.


With this, Blogapalooza, together with Project Headshot Clinic, spearheads an online campaign called #ResponsibleMedia, a social media advocacy movement designed to promote a smarter and wiser media landscape, where important issues are encouraged to be discussed openly and objectively. The objective of this movement is to open discussions about imperative issues involving the interest of the general public. The vision is for consumers and creators of content to talk about the country’s most pressing and most relevant issues in a richer and more profound manner, enabling the emergence of a wiser and smarter public that cares and is knowledgeable about the significant forces that drive the country’s swings and sways.

Responsible media is objective and not askew, allowing for different perspectives to be represented. It is proactive and responsive to the call for relevance and integrity of content. It promotes love for country, care for countrymen, trustworthiness in creation and sharing of content, and ethical media practice.

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#ResponsibleMedia aims to make it highly personal for all its supporters.Advocates are encouragedto share news and create content relevant to them in their own respective fields – be it in fashion, beauty, sports, showbiz, music, art, travel, food, technology, even personal relationships or personal experiences. Advocates and supporters can create and share content that is relevant in their field of interest, keeping the integrity of the social media advocacy. The goal is to keep the content angled in such a way that media as a catalyst for change is highlighted.

#ResponsibleMedia aims to pave the way for the social media generation to beissue champions – instrumental to how the public perceives issues. The movement will pave the way for a Filipino populace that is well-informed and keeps an eye on matters of concern.

John Robert Powers supports the campaign #ResponsibleMedia


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John Robert Powers has always been an institution that instills excellence, empowers individuals, and enhances people’s potential. It has been a bridge to ignite people’s passion, embrace their individuality, and mold them to be social influencers and catalysts of change. Through social media, the millenials, Gen Z and yuppies – a generation perceived as self-absorbed, indifferent, restless, and entitled because they are hyper-connected and highly-accessible can definitely break these labels. They can turn the game into a contributive act by maximizing the medium to speak of sensible opinions and by utilizing this avenue to begin a valuable discourse in sharing relevant issues; one trend and one hashtag at a time. #jrptowardsresponsiblemedia




Those who are employed spend a big chunk of their time in the office, interacting with their co-workers on a day-to-day basis. While being best friends isn’t a requirement to have a healthy working relationship, it is important to have happy co-existence for good work outcome. Practicing good office etiquette ensures that you are always perceived as professional and don’t irritate or cause discomfort to those around you. The term “office etiquette” may sound stiff and formal, but depending on your work environment, it can be a set of unwritten rules to observe appropriate social behaviour. John Robert Powers shares a few easy tips on how to keep your office manners in tip-top shape. Continue reading