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How to Organise Your Wardrobe Efficiently

organise your wardrobeDo you find yourself rummaging through your wardrobe in an attempt to find the perfect outfit, only to miserably fail because you don’t know where half your clothes are? This is a clear indication that it is time to spruce up your closet and get organised. For hassle free mornings, follow this John Robert Powers guide to organising your wardrobe.

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The Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

The month of May is here and a particularly special holiday is just around the corner. In case you have forgotten, it is Mother’s Day next Sunday (May 11th)! If you’re stuck for what to buy your Mom to show her your appreciation or need fun ideas for how to celebrate the day together, then look no further. We have compiled a go-to guide for Mother’s Day gifts to ensure you give her a day to remember!

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JRP’s Skin Care Regime for Teenagers

JRPBLOG_skinMaintaining and taking good care of one’s skin should start from an early age. Not only does it help to prevent a lot of skin problems but to delay the appearance of aging by retaining the skin’s youthful glow and freshness.  Not everyone is blessed with a perfect complexion and some common skin problems, especially among teenagers, are acne, blackheads and blemishes. How can you get rid of these skin problems? Just follow John Robert Powers’ essential skin care guide and you’ll see a positive difference.

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4 Steps to Marvellous Manners

manners‘’A first impression is the last impression’’. Have you ever judged someone you don’t know simply on the basis of their behaviour? The truth is; we all have. First impressions can be critical and often determine the outcome of life’s most important situations- nailing a job interview or making friends. Good manners are vital to leaving a lasting positive impression so make sure you follow these tips from John Robert Powers to ace the art of social graces.

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