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How to Perfect your Pose

model poseWhether you are one of our top 30 Face of John Robert Powers contestants, who will be attending our go-see, or you’re simply just enthusiastic about modelling; this post is packed full of top tips to ensure you nail the perfect pose. Make a note of these posing dos and don’ts and you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression at your next go-see! Good luck guys and girls!

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How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

leadershipStrong leadership requires an important set of skills which will benefit you throughout your life; from excelling at school to succeeding in your career. Do you want people to pay attention to you, take you seriously and respect your opinions? These qualities do not come naturally to everyone, but they are extremely valuable, so it is important to nurture and develop these skills. Follow John Robert Powers’ quick and easy steps to assert your authority and develop your leadership skills.

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