Facilitators’ Testimonials

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at John Robert Powers? We caught up with four facilitators from various courses to gain an insight into what they do and why they love teaching.

Gerardo N. Peralta teaches Voice Communication and runs the Teacher-Led Conversation Club.

JRP teacher

“I was about to end my Voice Communication 1 class when a young student raised her hand. She said, ‘I have a disorder. Usually I start walking around just minutes after the class starts, but in your class I sat down until… now! It’s so interesting.’ My heart melted. Whether a student is a CEO, a celebrity singer or host, an executive or a pre-teen; I make sure I follow the FI-WI principle to Find their Interest and Win their Interest. That’s because I feel, here at JRP, we keep our students’ interests not only in mind, but in our hearts.”

Jasmine-Stephanie C. Mendiola teaches Imaging and Wardrobe/ Power Dressing.

“Ultimately, my role as an instructor is to boost the confidence of my students; who originate from all walks of life. From instilling a sense of independence in children, to bringing out the individual personalities of teenagers through the way they dress and giving new life to the way executives and adults present themselves. I achieve this by providing them with basic knowledge about themselves, without imposing trends or hard-set rules, to inspire a continuous positive visual cycle, that resonates in their field of work and personal relationships.”

Ma Micaela Isabel Natividad P. Malupa teaches Visual Poise 1 & 2, Image Makeover 1 & 2, Wardrobe 1-3 and Body Alignment 1.

“The subjects that I teach at JRP mostly cover the appearance and behavioural aspects of an individual. I find them to be very important because when we meet new people, they almost always build a first impression of you. I always try to highlight the importance of this to my students and to make them understand that the totality of the individual is very important, to cover all their bases to be successful in life. I would say that Visual Poise 1 & 2 always inspires students to want to move forward with their goals. After this class I always see changes in the students’ posture; they stand taller and are more confident.”

Chingay Diaz Lagdameo teaches all modules and levels of Personal Growth and Communication.

“I notice that Personal Growth students learn to appreciate themselves more by developing self-confidence and self-esteem.  Communication classes create an awareness of their speaking and listening skills, message/meaning handling, and delivering /receiving feedback.  By understanding the process of effective communication, the students become aware of their intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, allowing them to develop personal self-confidence in various situations.”

Are you a John Robert Powers facilitator who would like to share your story or a student who wants to recognise a JRP facilitator who had an impact on your transformation? Don’t hesitate to get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or give us a call!

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