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Handling Rejection Like a Pro

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How do you add stress to the already stressful job-hunting process? Rejection letters, that’s how. While it’s true that there are some opportunities that just are not meant to be, it doesn’t mean that we don’t get disheartened when we receive one rejection letter after the other. Don’t worry! Rejection is normal in the job hunt. We’ve got some ways to help you handle these rejections positively and gracefully.

1. Don’t take it personally.
Remember, this isn’t like rejections in a romantic setting. It’s not personal. There are a number of factors that play into a recruiter’s decision like your asking salary, or how well you’ll fit into the existing team. Plus, you’re up against who knows how many people, and there’s only one job for the taking.

2. Feedback is important.
If possible, try to politely ask your interviewer for helpful feedback, so that you can prepare yourself in the future. A lot of interviewers are happy to tell you what you can improve on, and it’s also reassuring for you to understand why you didn’t get the job, instead of coming up with your own explanations.

3. Do other things.
If the fish just aren’t biting, try to do other things that make you feel good first so you don’t wallow. Binge on a series on Netflix. Read a book or go visit your grandma like you said you would last month. Distract yourself for a bit first; then come back to the hunt when you feel more refreshed! A positive outlook will be noticed by employers.

4. Take a step back.
Try to take a step back, and look at your job hunt approach the way a recruiter will. Reflect on your approach — how you talk to people on the phone, or how you craft your e-mails. Check your resume again and see if there are unnecessary things you could leave out or important things you may have missed out on.

The job hunt is never easy, but if you deal with it with confidence and poise, your dream job will come. Learn more at John Robert Powers.

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