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Introduce Yourself (No Way!) Introduce Yourself (Okay!)

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Networking is a challenging skill in any world of business. Learning how and when to properly introduce yourself is necessary if you want to improve your career. However, it can also be really difficult (and terrifying). So, we’re here to help you figure out, when, where, and how to properly introduce yourself in various social settings:

• Through E-Mail
We’ve all had to send an e-mail to someone we’ve never met face-to-face, and it can be tricky then to properly introduce yourself through a screen. Simply put, just remember to explain who you are (My name is…), how you got the other’s e-mail address, and your reason for writing.

• The Business Card
While business cards are important, using ONLY your business card to introduce yourself at any type of event, is irresponsible. Introduce yourself first; make that eye contact and let them know who you are and why you’re at this meeting or event and THEN give your business card.

• At An Interview
When you’re at an interview, you’ll want to keep your introduction brief, but extensive enough to highlight aspects of your career, accomplishments and interests that align with the company you’re applying for.

• In A Meeting
If it’s your first time to meet a client, it’s probably best to let your boss or colleague introduce you first. Once that’s done, make sure to let the client know why you’re at the meeting so they know that you have something to contribute.

Introducing yourself is crucial. It could make or break your career! So, remember to introduce yourself with confidence and learn the Art of the Pitch at JRP.

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