Your Last Hurrah


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You can see it: the finish line, the bright light at the end of the longest tunnel you think you’ve ever been in. If it’s your final semester of the year, your final semester ever, or your final month at this job, don’t forget that there’s a lot you can accomplish before you leave. We can help ensure that you’ll be remembered for the good work you do, if you continue to read up.

1. Ace it.
Just because it’s your last few days, does not mean that you can slack off. You don’t want people to remember you as the person who failed at the very end. Now, do you? Study up on your exams, or do your absolute best on your last project. Make sure you’re at your absolute best in these last few days.

2. Add ‘em.
You’ve met a lot of great people wherever it is you may be, and you’ll all want to keep in touch, or at least be updated with what’s going on in your lives. So don’t forget to add the people who’ve made your years great on your preferred social media.

3. Transition.
If you’ve got responsibility that will continue even after you’ve left, it’s probably best to slowly transition the people who will be taking your place. Explain to them how the job works, and what important things there are to remember so that it’ll be easy for everyone once you’ve said goodbye.

4. Say goodbye.
We know it’s hard, but try to say goodbye to everyone you’ve befriended, and everyone who helped make your years fun and happy. Make sure that they know how much they mean to you and how much you’ve learned from them before you leave.
Leave with grace and with a good impression.

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