Maintaining Friendships

Maintaining Friendships

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Some friendships exist simply because you get to see each other on a day-to-day basis. A lot of friendships cease to exist when you no longer get to see each other. Even if you truly are friends, it does become difficult to maintain the level of friendship you had when you used to see each other daily. Don’t worry! You won’t lose that friendship because we have tips on how to stay beshies.

1. Set meet up dates!
Whether it’s seeing the latest movie, a fun board game night, or even just having dinner, make sure that you and your friends do something at least once a month. It’ll be something that everyone can look forward to. Even if you don’t see each other every day, you’ll see each other constantly.

2. Stay honest.
If you think the once-a-month meet-ups aren’t enough, don’t just simmer to yourself, and hope they figure out your feelings. Talk to them! Let them know that you’d like to talk more, or meet up more often.

3. Be understanding.
Even if you want to see each other, unexpected circumstances happen that will prevent you guys from doing so. Last minute meetings, family trips, or any other surprise event could happen. If any of these unexpected happen, this doesn’t mean that your friend doesn’t want to see you. Let them know that you understand and that it’s okay. You can always reschedule.

4. Make an effort.
No matter how busy you are at work or at school, make sure that you actively make an effort to stay close to your friends. Chat them up at least once a day; even a simple hello or a link to a funny video will do. It’s these little things that help you stay friends.
Friends may not be forever if you don’t maintain the relationship well enough.

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