Meet the Parents – and Other Scary Situations

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There are several memorable moments in any relationship – and meeting your partner’s parents is definitely one of them. If you want to know how to make a good impression, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Relationships are like walking on a tight rope – it’s a lot of fun and thrilling but it’s also pretty terrifying. And yes, it takes an extreme amount of effort to get to the other side, and we’re here to help you cross that tight rope to the sound of wedding bells, and happily ever afters. So keep reading!

The Check
This is particularly tricky on the first date. Do you keep the age-old tradition of letting the guy pay first? Or does the person who proposed the date pay? Or, to be square, do you each just pay for what you ordered? Simply talk it out once the bill arrives and calmly discuss among yourselves your preferred way of paying for tonight’s check!

Your First Fight
The first fight is truly frightening because it’s like the person you’re dating is changing form right on front of your eyes when you’ve only ever known them as happy and accommodating. Always remember to keep your cool though, and do your best not to say anything that guarantees an end to your relationship.

Meeting the Parents
Ahh, here we are, the most terrifying part of any relationship: meeting the parents whose opinion of you could weigh more than gold. Make sure to do the following: Dress appropriately; bring a gift for the parents; flatter the mom about how well she raised her child, and absolutely no PDA.

Best of luck in all your relationship struggles, guys! Make sure to work hard on ‘em, and you’re bound to be your friends’ #RelationshipGoals.

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