ELP Students’ Testimonials

Jenibelle Dumayas, 46, Engineer:

Jenibelle found out about John Robert Powers through an advertisement and decided to join the English Communication Enhancement Intermediate class for six months to improve her communication skills.

 “The English Learning Program of JRP has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation of words, everyday communication skills and public speaking skills.  It has also helped me gain confidence in delivering speeches, lectures and reports.  Improving your communication skills is definitely not hard if it is done with JRP. Learning is not hard when you enjoy it!”

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5 Easy Steps to Boost your Confidence Today!

confidence boost

Always feeling down in the dumps and stuck for ways to inject a daily dose of confidence into your life? Believe it or not there are some simple, practical and oh-so-easy ways to make your self-confidence soar. At John Robert Powers, we aim to empower our students to take advantage of their personality in order to realize their full potential and find success. Follow these five top tips to boost your confidence and we guarantee you’ll feel amazing every day!

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