How to Perfect your Pose

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model poseWhether you are one of our top 30 Face of John Robert Powers contestants, who will be attending our go-see, or you’re simply just enthusiastic about modelling; this post is packed full of top tips to ensure you nail the perfect pose. Make a note of these posing dos and don’ts and you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression at your next go-see! Good luck guys and girls!

Learn which angles flatter you most

The mirror should be your best friend because after all, practice makes perfect. Experiment with different poses to figure out what works for you and which angles are the most flattering. For example if you have a strong jawline, tilt your head up and to the side slightly. Once you are familiar with your most complimentary angles, try posing in different outfits or with props to prepare yourself for various situations.

Elongate your neck

Always start by standing up straight, rolling your shoulders back and extending your neck to avoid a double chin. Although it may feel awkward and unnatural, this is a fool proof way to simulate height and poise as well as an instant trick to appear slimmer.

Be asymmetrical

Try to angle your body in different positions to create a more interesting shape. Creating asymmetry doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as bending one leg or dipping one shoulder slightly. It will ensure that you add an exciting element to your pose and guarantee that you stand out from the crowd.

Understand lighting

This is an important aspect of modelling, because at the end of the day, you are in control of making sure you look as good as you can. Understanding the way lighting falls is an invaluable skill which is crucial to avoid casting unflattering shadows across your figure.

Don’t forget your hands

It can be difficult to know what to do with your hands during a modelling shoot but the worst thing you can do is tense your hands, it is important to keep them loose and fluid; just relax!

Smile with your eyes

As cliché as it may sound, no matter how warm your smile is, if it is not reflected by the light in your eyes, it won’t come across as believable. Make sure your eyes convey the same message as the rest of your face. Always remember that if your eyes are dull, it will be difficult for people to emotionally connect with your image.

Did you enter our Face of John Robert Powers contest? Are you one of the lucky top 30 who is invited to join the go-see? We would love to hear from you, share your personal posing tips in the comments below!

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