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How To Be a Polite Party Guest

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Make a note of these 5 easy steps from John Robert Powers to ace your modern party etiquette and ensure you are a helpful and gracious guest!

  • RSVP

Always tell your host whether or not you will be attending the party. The sooner you let them know, the better. This will ensure you don’t hinder their planning.

  • Be on time

Punctuality is important, try to arrive as close to the start time as possible. Don’t be ‘fashionably late’ and never arrive early as you will inconvenience your host.

  • Offer to help

If your host looks frantic, suggest how you can assist them or when the party comes to an end, offer to lend a hand cleaning up. Even if your gesture is refused, it will be appreciated.

  • Don’t use your phone

Keep your phone tucked away and on silent mode during a party. In the event that you urgently need to take call, it is polite to excuse yourself to use your phone in private.

  • Thank the host

Remember to thank the host in person before you leave. Then, give them a phone call the day after the party to say thank you and to praise the highlights of the evening.

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