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The Riddle of a Model

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Let’s be honest, taking that perfect profile picture photo took a lot longer than all of us would care to admit. That cute laughing shot? 30 minutes of fake angry screaming at your friends to take the dang photo. That fierce pose? An hour of snort-filled chuckles and wheezing laughter from you because you’re not naturally fierce. And that’s fine! We’ve all wanted to be a model at one point in our lives. We want to look good for pictures and we take extra care in posing and choosing that perfect photo. However, only a handful of us can actually become professional models. If you’re one of those people who aspire to turn their photo shoot sessions with their friends into a lucrative career, we can help you out.

1. Be healthy.
In order to look your best, you need to have a healthy body. Yes, that involves eating and drinking tons of fruit, and vegetables, and waking up extra early to sneak in some exercise in your schedule! Being healthy also includes having healthy skin and hair! These are your greatest assets, so make sure you also have a strict, but healthy regimen for these!

2. Match your goals.
There are several kinds of models: plus-sized, runway, print, alternative, etc. and it’ll help you get into the industry if you’re aware of which kind of model best suits your body type! So, do some research and see if you’ll meet the requirements to be the kind of model you want to be.

3. Educate yourself.
As with any job, it’s good to educate yourself in the industry you aspire to be in. Read as much as you can from books, blogs and even magazines about the modelling industry! These can also help you improve important skills, and it could help you figure out which modelling agencies you’d be best suited for.

4. Get a good headshot.
In this industry, you probably won’t be able to get anywhere without a good headshot. While it’s tempting to have a glammed up photo of you as your headshot, try submitting a natural photo of you (with no photo retouching either!). Agencies want to see you raw to see if you could be transformed into a variety of looks!

Be prepared for all the hardships that could come when embarking on this particular career path, and if you feel like you still need more lessons in how to become a model, be confident, and head on to John Robert Powers.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to inquire about the tuition fee for this program and schedule. My daughter wants to become a model and would like to know how to walk properly, be confident in a runway or even in the fashion show.

    Thank you.

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