S/he’s Actually into You

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Let’s set things straight: both guys and girls are complicated when it comes to relationships. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in trying to decipher the signals that crushie is giving you, but if you want to know if crushie is really into you? Read up!

So you’ve been talking to this guy/girl for about a month now and things seem to be going well. You’ve already imagined how your first date is going to turn out, what you’re going to wear – the whole shebang. And then, ‘lo and behold, they post a photo with their significant other on their social media.

That’s okay! We’ve all been there before but we’ve got to admit that it’s often difficult to tell if a person really likes you. Here are guaranteed signs that you can easily pick up on to tell if s/he’s actually into you.

The Eyes
Is s/he constantly making eye contact with you? That’s good! When s/he hold your gaze for a few seconds, it pretty much guarantees that there’s at least an interest there.

The Touch
Is his/her hand always on your shoulder? Does s/he lightly nudge you in the arm? Does s/he randomly give you hugs? Bes, I think we can safely say that they’re into you. (So please, touch them back so they know that you’re interested too!)

The Friends
If you’re out with a group of their friends, make sure to observe them because as any good group of friends would do, they’ll make sure to tease their buddy if s/he’s hanging out with the person s/he is interested in!

Keep an eye out for the signs, people!

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