ELP Students’ Testimonials

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Jenibelle Dumayas, 46, Engineer:

Jenibelle found out about John Robert Powers through an advertisement and decided to join the English Communication Enhancement Intermediate class for six months to improve her communication skills.

 “The English Learning Program of JRP has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation of words, everyday communication skills and public speaking skills.  It has also helped me gain confidence in delivering speeches, lectures and reports.  Improving your communication skills is definitely not hard if it is done with JRP. Learning is not hard when you enjoy it!”

Dufflie Ganzon, 23, Audit Associate:

Dufflie discovered John Robert Powers after seeing billboard advertisements.  She wanted to learn English to speak fluently and confidently so she took the Stage 1 Intermediate class over seven months. She advises current students not to be afraid to apply what they learn in class to real life situations.

 “JRP brought out the best in me.  It helped build my confidence.  In class, I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.  What I enjoyed most about ELP were the classes, the people I met and the activities the facilitator provided us with.”

Edwin Concepcion, 44, Regional Manager:

Edwin heard about John Robert Powers through his boss when his company decided to enroll him in a year-long English Learning course. His advice to younger students is to join JRP to learn how to grab opportunities and grow into what they want to be.

 “After applying what I learned in the English Learning Program of JRP, I was promoted from Area Manager to Regional Manager.  I have improved my grammar and thought organisation.  I have also developed confidence.  The ELP helped me in public speaking and career development.  I would recommend JRP because it strengthens skills and values.  It moulds us into becoming better people.”

Ethel Jaminal, 24, Audit Associate:

Ethel found out about John Robert Powers during an event at her university. She joined the English Learning Program for 7 months because she was aware of JRP’s excellent reputation. Her favourite part of the course was the classroom environment and learning new things.

 “The English Learning Program at JRP helped me tremendously with my English and confidence in public speaking.  It also helped me prepare written work for my job.”

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