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Your Application Check-list

Your Application Checklist

It doesn’t really matter if it’s your first or your eighth job. Job interviews will always be terrifying! There are so many things to remember before going in for an interview. To help you lessen the stress and constant internal panic, we’ve compiled a checklist for your application must-haves below:

    • Your resume
      Bring several copies just in case!
    • A pen and notepad
      …because you never know if you have to write down any essential information during the interview itself.
    • Company research
      While waiting for your turn, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the company you’re applying to.
    • Directions and company contact info
      You know – just so you’re sure you won’t get lost.
    • Breath mints or gum
      It never hurts to have a minty fresh breath during the interview!
    • Handkerchief
      Tension sweat is a real thing. Remember to bring a handkerchief to wipe any sweaty palms or forehead.
    • A folder
      You’ll need a place to put all your resumes, and references in so you can stay organized and that you don’t rustle around your bag looking for all of it.
    • A smile
      Let them know that you’re excited to be around! It’ll ease both you, and the interviewer.
    • Confidence
      Be confident but not cocky! When you start out confident, it’ll be easier to get through the rest of the interview.
      Learn more about confidence and the Art of the Pitch at John Robert Powers.

Learn more about confidence and the Art of the Pitch at John Robert Powers.