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Dear JRP – A Letter From Someone Stuck

Stuck_-_March_-_3rdarticleDear JRP,

My first year in college is almost over, and I feel stuck. I’m hopeful and excited for the future. I feel like college is the last chance to prepare myself for adulthood and yet I think I’m the only one who feels this. My high school barkada are the same, still talking about the same things. Although I love them, I’m more interested in exploring new experiences than reliving high school. How do I move forward?


Dear Stuck,

First of all, you’re not the only one who feels that way. What you’re feeling now is normal for your age. You’re faced with this big world – wanting to try new things, yet hesitant to actually try them. So, “How do I move forward?” Well, to answer that simply: It’s when you act on opportunities for new experiences.

Let’s say you’re surfing online – retweeting a funny photo, scrolling through your Facebook feed, or coming across a YouTube video. What you click, says a lot about what you’re interested in. So, let’s start with that! Remember that post you liked about a music festival next Saturday? Why not try attending it? When you go to events you’re interested in, with people of the same interests and are bound to be there. It’s easier to talk to someone when you have a common ground. So, don’t feel pressured to find things to talk about. Why not try asking someone about his/her opinion of the band that just played? Whatever response you get – work with it! You either end up with a new friend or a momentary acquaintance but at the end of the day, ask yourself: “Was that fun for me?” If you felt happy, then mark your calendar for the next one but if you felt uncomfortable, then disliking it is totally fine! There is no right or wrong answer – the same thing goes for your process. Just look for what you find interesting! Little by little, you start understanding more about yourself that will help you move forward.

‘Feeling stuck’ is simply what it is – a feeling, because you have the power to change that. You may be on the right path but if you aren’t moving forward then you’re still going nowhere.It may feel scary to explore the unknown on your own but exciting things are surely waiting on the other side. So, let things run its course. Meet new people; experience new things and discover a new and better version of yourself. Now, go on out there!


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Setting the Course for College

course-for-college“What do you want to be when you grow up?” How many times have you been asked this question, when you were a kid until now? Maybe the question has morphed into: “What’s your course in college?” But essentially, it’s still the same thing – you setting the course of your life. The good thing is, even if you don’t know the answer or you’re still unsure, that’s okay because you are a work in progress. Your college course can determine your future, but it doesn’t have to limit it. So, don’t be pressured. Instead, look deep inside yourself so you can discover the best course that you can learn from. Why not try looking at it from a new perspective:

  1. Finding your purpose. You may already know what you want; now you just need to find the course that will lead you there. It may be a want, a goal or a mission. “I want to be with animals.” “I want to learn how to cook.” or “I want to save the world.” Being with animals can entail being a zookeeper or a veterinarian. Learning how to cook may lead to being a chef. Healing the world may mean being a doctor or an environmentalist. Start with finding your why,then who knows – it can lead you to who you can be.
  1. Knowing your interests. If you’re not as gung-ho as the kid who wants to save the world, that’s totally fine.You can always start out somewhere familiar. Maybe you’re an artist for your school magazine, a member of the debate team or your class president. The kind of activities you’re involved in say a lot about your interests. These are the things you can pursue into a career. Start with finding what you want then along the way, you’ll discover who you can be.
  1. Seeing your potential. For some of you who are thinking: “I don’t see my purpose or I don’t have much interests.” You may tend to look at the negative side of things. If you’re scared of blood, then maybe being a doctor isn’t for you. If you’re afraid of animals, then maybe being a veterinarian isn’t for you. In finding the things you aren’t able to do, you also find the things you are capable of doing. You may not like speaking in crowds but you’re good with gathering your thoughts and putting them into writing. Start with finding your “no”, then you’ll see how far your “yes” can take you. You will find yourself achieving new things.

What if you change your mind midway? If you do find that it may not be the course for you, then try something else! Nothing is set in stone. As long as there is a desire to learn, there is no limit to what you can become. Learning is a never-ending process – be it from the professors you’ll have or the people you’ll meet. So, grab every opportunity to start a conversation. Discover more and unleash your best self with John Robert Powers.

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