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Dress the Part

December is everybody’s busiest month. With all the social events that are happening (weddings, business meetings, office gatherings, friendly meet-ups, and holiday parties), it’s a little hard to keep up. Plus, you have to remember to dress appropriately for each one of those events, and honestly, that can be tiring. Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to dress the part for any social gathering.

Casual Attire
This can mean anything from your favorite jeans and a t-shirt to khakis and a button up or a simple dress. Try out a number of options before deciding.Check if you’ll be indoors or outdoors today, and above all else, make sure you’re comfortable in what you are wearing.

Business Casual
This should always look neat and well put together. Women typically wear skirts or dress slacks, a blouse, and closed toe shoes while men wear dress slacks, chinos, a collared shirt, and dark shoes with dark socks. Make sure that your clothes fit you well — not too tight or oversized. Trends can come and go, but a good fit will always be in style.

Formal Business
A matched (coat and slack as of same color and fabric) business suit doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look expensive. It shouldn’t be too flashy or appear cheap. You want to be taken seriously, and look like you want to get ahead. Women can wear some solid neutral pumps and men can wear dark dress shoes to complete the look.

Satin or sparkling fabric dresses can save women in any cocktail party, dance, or any other semi-formal event. If not, invest in a trusty LBD (little black dress). Men, on the other hand, should always wear a suit at any semi-formal event

If the invitation doesn’t state how to dress, let the time and location of the wedding be your guide. If you’re still in doubt, call the bride, or someone from the bridal party and ask. Most of the time, women can wear a nice dress, skirt, or pantsuit; while men should wear slacks, a button-front shirt, and a tie.

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