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Concert Do’s and Don’ts

Some of your most memorable experiences will be attending your favorite artists’ concerts. There is nothing quite like hearing and seeing them perform live, so it’s totally understandable if you freak out, fangirl a bit, and even cry, but do remember that you are still in a public space. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you have to remember:

DO: Try to make friends.
It may normally be a little difficult trying to start a conversation with strangers because you have no idea what their interests are. But you’re at a concert, so obviously you and everyone else in the location are fans of the performing artist. So, strike up a conversation and you may just make some new friends.

DON’T: Start a fight.
Everybody wants to get closer to the stage during a concert. This is probably the only time you’ll truly get to be in contact with your favorite band, or singer, and you’re a little excited at the chance of getting them to notice you. Do not, however, push people out of the way, or elbow people in order to get to the front because you’ll likely start a fight that you’re just better off without.

DO: Charge your phone.
It has happened to the best of us. We take videos of the entire concert, or Snapchat/Instagram Story everything that happens before, during, and after the concert, or call a friend so that they can (sort of) hear the artist live. By the end of the night when you need to take a Grab or an Uber, or call your dad to pick you up, you realize your phone is dead. So do charge your phone before the concert, or bring a power bank so you’ll be able to get home safely.

DON’T: Take drinks or food from strangers.
This should be fairly obvious. If you don’t know them, or just met them, even if they’re friendly enough, do not under any circumstance ingest anything that they give you. Please. Just don’t do it for your sake.
So, go and have fun! Sing as loud as you possibly can. Scream when the moment permits it, and remember our Do’s and Don’ts so you can make the most out of those magical few hours with your favorite artists.