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How To Project Confidence

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One of the best ways to command attention and respect is to project confidence at all times.

  1. Be self-aware. The best way to build confidence is by knowing yourself. Know your strengths and enhance them. Identify your limitations and work on them. Reflect on your intentions, motivations, goals and aspirations. Self-confidence is born of self-value. Individuals who engage in visualization project an air that they are in control of their destiny.
  2. Let your light shine.  Confident people share their gifts with others. Do not be self-effacing and timid, but don’t be a braggart either. Believe in your worth and value. Make positive contributions to your circles of interaction—in the family, amongst friends, at work or school, etc.
  3. Allow others to shine.  The best way to show confidence is not to be intimidated by the strengths of others. Recognize the gifts of others and affirm them. There is room for everyone to shine!
  4. Project confidence through the ABC’s of Personal Development:
    • Appearance. Always look your best. Watch your visual poise (proper posture, stance and carriage) as well! Looking good is the first foundation for feeling good!
    • Behaviour – watch your words and actions at all times. Graciousness is the soul of confidence.
    • Communication. Learn to communicate effectively and efficiently. Embrace all opportunities to grow your communication skills – from conversation to even public speaking. Confident is he or she who can speak intelligently and persuasively in front of others.
  5. Work towards achieving your better, if not best Self! Commit to a life-time of personal development. Enhance your gifts; turn your limitations into strengths. Keep focused on achieving your life’s dreams, goals and aspirations. Confidence comes from racking up personal successes. This becomes the charisma that draws others to you!

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How to Stop Being an Introvert & Overcome Shyness

shyDo you suffer from severe shyness? Are you interested in meeting new people but feel awkward and unsure when doing so? Do you want to participate in conversations but get tongue-tied and overly conscious? These are all the tell-tale signs of an introvert; someone who is afraid of meeting new people, constantly feels self-conscious, lacks self-confidence and hates being the centre of attention. If you find yourself watching your friends socializing and wondering why it is so easy for them but so hard for you then you need to take control of your shyness. Being an introvert leaves you on the periphery of life but John Robert Powers can help you to gain the confidence you need to be a part of the action. Follow these steps to break out of your shell!

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