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Sept 20_Blog 2

S/He’s Dating the Boss

Your boss: the forbidden fruit in the Eden that is your office. We get it! It’s hard to resist that charm, that intelligence and that confidence, but dating the boss probably isn’t going to end up in a fairy-tale ending like Laida and Sir Miggy did. So, if you’re dating your boss or your officemate seems like they’re in a relationship with their boss, mull over these points:

1. The choice is yours.
The very first thing you need to do is take a step back and check if everything is consensual — that no one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do and that the choice to be in this relationship was freely made. If everything is good, we can move on to the next item.

2. Check the policy.
A lot of companies have policies in place addressing junior-senior relationships because they believe that these types of relationships can compromise business’ interests. So, make sure to check if your company has these policies and what the implications are if they do exist.

3. Draw the line.
Probably the most important tip in this list — do NOT mix personal life and professional life. Dating the boss, especially when s/he isn’t single, doesn’t give an excuse to use the relationship as an advantage in the workplace. Remember, you’re being paid to work and not to have public displays of affection in the office.

4. Expect the gossip.
Despite any and all attempts to keep the relationship hush hush or in the down low, office gossip spreads like wildfire. So, expect the outrageous rumors and even some hurtful comments. For a while, the people involved will most likely be known more for the relationship than for the work that they do.

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That Thing Called “Dating”


It is something that eventually happens in life. A social milestone that’s generations-old yet always refreshingly new; nerve-wracking yet gives a natural high. Welcome to that thing called “dating” – where everyone’s looking for something in someone, be it love, companionship, or just kilig. Before you jump into the dating pool, it is best to know the strokes:

  1. KNOW YOURSELF. You’ve heard about people saying they’re looking for that person that will complete them. The truth is: no one can complete you but yourself. Before going into a relationship, it’s best that you have a healthy sense of your self-worth and confidence. Some people lose their sense of identity and become mirrors of their partners. So, it’s important that you know yourself first – your values, principles, interests, and find a person who appreciates you and helps you grow.

2. GET TO KNOW YOUR DATE. Between Texting, IM, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, you probably think you know the person inside out. Remember, someone’s internet persona is not necessarily what your date is like in real life. Nothing beats real-life, good old reliable face time. To be interesting, first be interested. Strike up a conversation; discover common interests and see how it flows. Relax, have fun and make sure there’s a fair exchange of views.

  1. PLAN A FUN DATE. Dress comfortably and appropriately. Let the real you shine through. Keep in mind to have a great time together. You can always go out for dinner, movies, coffee or the bar, but you can also opt for something more casual that lets you share your interests as well like workshops and street photography. Doing something together lets you enjoy the time with the other person, opens up conversation, and sparks or not, you’re guaranteed a fun time. The idea isn’t to show off and impress but to celebrate your natural self and enjoy each other’s company.
  1. BE AWARE OF DATING ETIQUETTE. This isn’t about overt gestures of romance but about being gracious. Leave behind your smartphones and watches. This is one meal that doesn’t need to be broadcasted on Instagram. Mind your manners. Do thoughtful things because you value your date. Say compliments that you sincerely mean. Be greatly appreciative at the end of the date. Whether you enjoyed it or not, time and effort have been poured in and every date is a potential lifelong friend.

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