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More Than Just a Pretty Face


More Than Just a Pretty Face

by Joan Therese Dela Cruz

As teenagers, looking good is already part of our concerns. We become extra anxious on how we look and act and how it affects our peers. But is looking good all that we should care about?

Looks can be deceiving. Even in the market, beautiful packaging easily draws us. But smart consumers know what’s good for them, and that is why we look into the contents, the ingredients, and the benefits.

All of us are beautiful, but let us add substance into that beautiful packaging. People would love to know more about you when they talk to you, but getting-to-know talks can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking for some.

The English language plays a big role in making a lasting good impression. It displays prestige and competitiveness. This may be the reason for some being nervous and uncomfortable in making a good first impression in first talks.

Being fluent in English is already a necessity in this competitive world. If one knows how to speak well, he/she can express himself/herself more. He/She can be remembered as more than just a pretty face, and that is because he/she knows how to speak up and introduce himself/herself to his/her peers with confidence.

Let us add substance into that beautiful packaging. Everyone can achieve English fluency. Practice and improve. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and apologize. Learn something new.

Be proud of yourself. No matter how cliché this line is, it always works: be yourself. Be real and be proud of it. Let your confidence and personality shine through and be the sunshine beneficial to others. Speak up and leave an impact with the people you are with and your beauty will be more visible, truly beautiful.

Be more than just a pretty face; let us add substance into that beautiful packaging. Speak up, be confident, and be truly beautiful.

How I Survived English


How I Survived English

by Maureen Vivas

When I was younger, I hated English. I. Hated. It. It was a stupid language and the subject-verb agreements are weird: teach, taught, catch, caught. The words turn into a totally different spelling just by changing the tense or whatever the hell you call it. I was so near to failing the subject. But come high school, a great English teacher entered the picture – Ms. Joy Cruz. She was the kind of teacher you would feel very guilty if you doctored a book report. She was a good speaker, a good teacher and a good friend. My survival started there. I started to read novels for real and I understood movies and TV series more clearly.

More than the teacher that helped me get through my weakness; Twilight Saga is the first series I read religiously. I could not get the phone out of my face. I was reading through PDF then. I was just a mere student who could not buy paperbacks. And then I watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief alone, found out that it was a book adaptation and got obsessed with the series. For the first three books, I was reading through my laptop. It was so hard. It was too big, heavy and inconvenient. Plus, I could only read at home because I could not carry my laptop around and read books anywhere I wanted to. Nevertheless, I finished reading all five books and now, including the Heroes of Olympus series.

I like watching movies even when I was a kid and growing up, I learned to appreciate the act of watching movies alone. If no one would come with me, then I would go alone. It made me appreciate the films more anyway. I am into Disney Channel as well. I am a self-proclaimed Disney-baby – no – a self-proclaimed Disney princess. Princess Maureen. Me likey!

In short, I learned to love the language to the point where I was writing in the school paper and posting articles on my own blog site. Even when I was a kid, I like filling diaries and journals of my story. I have tons of notebooks and journals full of crazy stories. I, too, am the kind of person who transfers emotions into writings and I believe that honed me into loving the language even more. I am not perfect, but I did survive and am still surviving.

I also realized that when no one is forcing me to like, love, or learn something, I appreciate it on my own. There must also be a correct timing for everything. And for me, adolescent was the right time to appreciate English. Through this love and passion for the language, I am now on my way to becoming a professional teacher. I have taken 16 units of Education subjects to qualify in taking the LET – fingers crossed.

The shameful truth though, is that I know more about English grammar than Filipino grammar; I read more English novels than Filipino novels. This is so hypocritical of me. I know. I am the one who keeps on telling my friends to be patriotic, but what am I practicing here? I love the Philippines and the Filipino Language and I am sorry for not being the best on the grammar. One thing I realized through writing this is that I need to read more. All these learnings have not been enough. I keep on saying that before one masters the English grammar; he or she must be a master of his or her mother tongue first. In time, I will be the master of both. I promise.

Disney Channel is in English, the books I read are written in English and yet I find it stupid and weird? Maybe I am weird. Yeah! I am weird.