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Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s officially wedding season, and it seems like everyone’s getting married. So, with a seemingly infinite amount of possible gifts out there, it’s going to be hard to choose what you’d like to give a newly-wed couple. A rice cooker? A frying pan? What do you buy? What’s your budget? Well then, read up on our wedding gift tips!

-The Registry.
If the couple has a registry in any particular store, the safest bet would be to get them something from there. They’ve already listed down what they want, so you’re 100% sure that they’re going to like what you’ve gotten them. Just make sure that you include a heartfelt message on the card.

-Something Personal.
If the registry seems impersonal to you, then go ahead and get, or make something personal for the couple. It could be a framed photo of the first time they’ve met, or some customized coffee mugs for your caffeine-dependent couples. This tells your friends that you really know them and wish them happiness for their future.

-Grab a Friend.
If you can’t afford that big ticket item that you’re sure your friends would love, and you don’t want to buy them something that’ll fit your budget, but isn’t as impactful, then ask your group of friends to split the big ticket item gift with you. That way, you get to give your friends something nice, and not break the bank in the process!

-Cover the Basics.
Try to focus on things that are casual, or the couple could use in their day-to-day lives. Plain towels, and utensils may seem boring, but are really functional that the couple will end up using them.

-No Home Decors.
That sculpture may seem like the coolest, and most interesting piece of (affordable) art, you’ve seen, but you don’t know if the couple agrees with you. Remember, you never really know anyone’s taste, and it’s their home. So best let them make the decision of what to hang on their wall, or display on their shelves.
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