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How to Prepare for a Go See


A go see is an interview or an audition for models. If you have the confidence, self-esteem, and the capability to show how well you can project the client’s concepts, you’ll get the job. Take note of these tips:


Remember to be cautious of the go see or casting calls that you go to. To avoid getting scammed, make sure you only attend the events hosted or run by trusted agencies, designers, etc. For more tips and information about modeling, get in touch with John Robert Powers and let us help you on your journey to the top.

What To Wear To A Go See


First of all, what is a go see? A go see is basically an audition for models where you can meet with an agency, a manager, or a designer.

So, when you go to a casting call or a go see, remember that the rule of thumb is to keep your styling to a minimum! What you really should be bringing with you is your natural beauty and talent—these are what they should remember the most about you.

What to Wear to a Go See


The agencies usually send in a list of things that you need to bring and this includes your portfolio. Make sure you research beforehand what the modeling job is for so you can include photos of a similar theme shoot or modeling experience.

When in doubt as to what to wear or how to look, always go for simple styling but make sure to keep your look sleek and neat. Get in touch with John Robert Powers for more modeling tips.


Models: The Night Before a Go-See

For all the aspiring models who have entered our Face of John Robert Powers contest; this is a checklist especially designed for you to prepare for the go-see part of the competition, if you make it into the top 30. Take note  of these things to remember and make sure you are prepared the night before, so you have the best possible chance of winning. Good luck guys and girls!

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How to Prepare for your First Go See

go seeSo, what exactly is a go see? What normal people would call an interview, in the modelling world, this is called a ‘go- see’. It is your chance to finally showcase your modelling talent and potential to the right people. Casting directors get to see and find out more about you to decide if you are a good fit for a particular job. First impressions matter, so here is a guideline from John Robert Powers of how you can nail your first go see. Join our Face of John Robert Powers contest HERE and stand a chance to attend a go see!

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