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Have a Productive Summer

Have a Productive Summer

School is over (for the time being), and you’re just about ready to crawl into bed and make up for all those nights you were up late studying for this exam, or finishing this project, and whatnot. While we’re all for you getting your much needed sleep, know that there are more productive (and relaxing) ways to go about your summer.

It’s time to get cooking.
With no allowance over the summer break, it becomes a lot more difficult to go and order your favorite meals. Be productive, and satisfy your cravings by learning how to cook the food you love most! You’ll probably find it difficult at first, but with Tasty videos, and online recipes, you’ll probably be a master chef by the time you get back to school.

Watch some films.
While it’s tempting to just rewatch all your favorite movies, or catch up on all the blockbuster hits you’ve missed during the school year, you can make your binge watching more productive by brushing up on some cinema classics. Research on the best movies of all time (highly recommended: Wizard of Oz), and cross off those films one by one. (Don’t be afraid if the movie isn’t in English! Embrace subtitles!)

Okay, so you’ve done more than enough reading to last you a lifetime this semester, but now’s the time to read books, and articles that actually interest you! The best part? No deadlines on when you have to finish them, no tests about it the next day, just reading for pleasure. What could be better than that?

Expand your knowledge.
Admit it, there was a time you wanted to be an astrophysicist or a geologist. We all wanted to learn about something that we just felt was too complicated to learn. Here’s your solution: Wikipedia Simple English. Learn complicated things like quantum physics in a language you can actually understand and digest.

Make the most out of your summer, and get productive. Join the Summer Standout Camp at JRP today.

Learning Something New

Learning Something New

Learning something new takes quite a lot of effort, particularly when you’re not required to do it. It’s very tempting to skip today’s lessons or training in favor of sleeping in, or binge-watching your favorite show. Here are a few tips on how to make your habit of learning stick.

• Make sure you’re actually interested.
Learning something new is already hard on its own. It will be more difficult if you’re not actually interested in, say, learning French, or playing the cello. If you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort into this new hobby, choose something you’ve thought of before and something you think you’d truly enjoy.

• Actually do it!
It’s one thing to learn the language on an application (although, that helps!), but don’t forget to actually speak the language with others whenever you can. The same thing goes for any musical instrument; practising the chords is effective, sure, but to truly make it stick, learn a new song (or a song you’ve known for a while but could never play). The more you do it, the more it sticks in your brain.

• Make new friends.
The thing that makes school easier is the fact that you have other people learning with you, and that translates to your summer learning endeavors. If you want to learn quicker, and more effectively, try looking for a community that’s interested in learning the same things you are. You’ll expand both your knowledge, and your social group.

• Set clear goals.
Let’s be honest, you won’t become a basketball superstar, a piano virtuoso, or be able to understand anime without subtitles in one night, or even in a week. Be realistic! Set clear goals for yourself (i.e. “Today, I’ll learn five new words”, “I’ll make twenty baskets from the three-point line”, or “I’ll be able to play the chorus of this song without looking at the music sheet”).

Your future self will thank you for taking the time and effort to develop these new skills, so keep at it! #JRPSummerCamp