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October Blog Visual #3

When To Say No

It’s 6pm! You’re pretty much ready to go home and relax when suddenly, an e-mail from a client pops up requiring you to finish something by 9am tomorrow morning. Obviously, this can’t be done, and you have to tell your client no. While people think that the best way to keep clients happy is to always say yes to them, this couldn’t be further from the truth. So, when should you say no to your clients?

1. …when it doesn’t benefit them
Most clients will want to hear your opinion. So if you think that the task that they’re making you do will not benefit them, tell them so. Back it up with proper reasoning. Clients will appreciate you giving your professional opinion, and see that you care for their business.

2….when you are unable to do what’s asked
Always be honest with your clients. Let them know if you or your team are unable to carry out the task. Remember to soften the blow though and make sure to offer an alternative for the task. Show them that you can still solve the problem, just not in the way they’re asking you to.

3….when it’s not within your scope of work
Sometimes clients will ask you to do things that aren’t stipulated in your contract. There may be things that aren’t officially covered for you to do (for example, if they hire you as a graphic designer, and ask you to write a script for them). When this happens, gently remind them of your official responsibilities to help better manage their expectations.

4.When it’s unethical
When you think that the task they are asking of you is unethical, kindly point this out, but listen to what they have to say as well. Be open to having your opinion changed, and they’ll learn to be open to yours, too. Remember not to let them pressure you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable doing.

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