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We’ve all been there. We’ve all been in situations where a friend we really like just acts in the way we really hate. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it just consumes us with irritation and we become exhausted with our patience. The more understanding of us would sit through the event albeit begrudgingly. But the less compromising of us would either find an excuse to have an out from it, or just blatantly walk out.

Yes, we are talking about our friends who are Nega Stars. They are good people for the most part, but they are meticulous in finding the downsides to any situation. To them, the littlest of dilemmas sound like the end of the world. We doubt if the sun even shines on their skies in the morning.

Because they are our friends, and hard it may beto admit, we would rather put up with their rants and tirades than lose their presence in our lives. We must find a way to tolerate their ways and influence a change in their behavior. Here are two possible ways to achieve this.


A good trick is to make sure that when you are going out with one of your nega friends, make sure the more optimistic people outnumber the pessimistic ones. If there is one negafriend, be sure you’re at least three. If there are two, then have five. Why? Because it is important to out-voice the negativity in conversations. Note that while you might not be able to change their perspective in life, you sure can keep them pacified just by talking about happy memories that make you literally laugh out loud. Every time they try to put a wet blanket on the topic, you and your friends can just maneuver the conversation to something light and laughable and that should keep the get-together fun and cheerful.


Before you say anything, we are not implying that you terminate their friendship completely. Just stay away and meet them from time to time. Why? Because while positivity is infectious, negativity is even more so. It is energy-consuming to be in their presence and before you know it, you are dry and depleted from all their comments and criticisms on the most pedestrian concerns. Sometimes, because of the constant exposure to this apocalyptic point of view, you end up becoming a negastar yourself, and that is the last thing that you want. So, veer away from these friends of yours and surround yourself with positive and happy people. You can still see your nega friends occasionally, but they should not be the friends that you should be hanging out with every single day of the week.

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Welcoming Rejection


Countless of times we’ve heard that when a window closes, doors will open. Cliché as it might be, there’s truth to this adage. In reality, opportunities are bound to come your way if you are receptive enough and gregarious enough. The trick is to know which ones to entertain, and which ones to turn down but what would you do if an opportunity you truly desire turns its back on you? Would you break and fall, or would you simply move on to the next without batting an eyelash? If you would do the latter, excellent; but most of us would fall under the former.

Humans, by nature, are afraid of rejection so we have to make an effort to be able to accept it with grace. How, exactly? Well, here are some things to keep in mind when you hear the following phrases, may it be in your career or in your relationships.


This line is an overused example only because it’s extremely overused in real life. It might be a convenient excuse to end a relationship, but most of the time, there’s an unspeakable truth to it.

Relationship is all about finding a match, a perfect fit but you are a person – dynamic and ever changing. Naturally, to find someone that will accept you for all your quirks and idiosyncrasies is not an easy task. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if a relationship doesn’t go as planned. You might like the other person, but they might be looking for someone else. Trying to force-fit yourself in a relationship that is one-way is just a losing battle. You might mope, you might spend weeks, months, or years being forlorn, but at the end of the day, lift your chin with hope that one day, the one that’s for you will come along.


When you hear this from a company, know that it’s not the end of the world. Opportunities come and go and there are plenty of opportunities out there. A single window that closes does not mean that all doors will remain closed. Knowing this, the last feeling that you should have when you have just been rejected is doomed. You have to trust that there will be others and there will be others. So, take it in stride and accept it with grace and confidence that even though this might not be for you, there are a multitude of others that are.

Pain is the onset of growth, and rejection is one of the many sources of our pain but it helps us learn. It helps us grow stronger. So, start viewing rejection not as the end of something great but the start of something new and keep in mind, you will not be rejected all the time. Just keep trying, keep living, knowing that someday, you will finally be able to spread your wings and soar to the skies.

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