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Make Sure You’re On LinkedIn

LinkedIn: probably one of the most underrated websites of all time. This site could actually make or break careers, and the majority of us simply use it as a place to post our most basic profile, resume, and our graduation picture. A killer LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn etiquette is mandatory if you want to strengthen your personal branding and be noticed by top recruiters. Here are a few tips to utilize this great site:

1. Customize your URL.

When you first create a LinkedIn profile, the site generates a random combination of letters, numbers and backlashes as your URL. It’s high time to change that. Just like your Instagram and Twitter, usernames, or in this case, URLs, are important so it’s easier for people to find your profile and check you out. Customize your URL but make it a professional one!

2. Personalize invitations.
LinkedIn’s default message for sending invites is dull and impersonal. People will not always be compelled to accept when the message is manufactured. Try to be a bit more personal when sending out invites to connect. Mention where and how you met, or bring up a topic you’ve previously discussed.

3. Don’t export.
Remember, just because someone has connected with you on LinkedIn, DOES NOT give you permission to add their e-mails to your own personal database. It’s completely unethical.So, if you want to export their details to your database, ask permission first.

4. No to stranger recommendations.

While we don’t really adhere to the whole “don’t talk to strangers” rule anymore (see: Uber, Grab, and Tinder), try to practice this rule on LinkedIn. Do not ask for recommendations from strangers and do not recommend people you do not know. If they do not know you, they cannot give a proper recommendation, and if you recommend a stranger, your credibility is very much on the line if this stranger turns out to be unprofessional.

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The 21st Century Resume


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7 Steps to the Perfect Resume

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