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Saying Goodbye

Whether it’s in the middle of a group conversation, or chatting with an acquaintance in the elevator, knowing how to politely and respectfully say goodbye is a necessity. Here’s a few tips on how to properly say goodbye.

Knowing how and when to say goodbye can be quite difficult. However, learning how to do so politely, eloquently and respectfully helps you maintain and even strengthen your relationships with people around you. It’s easier than you think. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye, read on.

1. Read the room.
Is the crowd starting to thin out at a party oris the person you’re conversing with starting to fidget a bit? That may be a sign that it’s time for you to bow out. Overstaying one’s welcome whether in a house or in a conversation comes off to be rude so be sure to read the room and watch out for body language to queue your exit.

2. “Let’s do this again soon!”
Saying goodbye becomes less awkward when you make plans to see each other soon, that this won’t be an isolated event. It shows that you’re making an active effort to continue getting to know the person or people that you’ve spent time with and keeps the goodbye light and fun.

3. Thank them.
Whether it’s for a party or even just for someone’s company, show some appreciation for the good time you’ve had by saying thank you. It’ll mean much more than you probably realize.

4. Tell the truth.
As much as you’d like to come up with a “good” excuse in order to leave, it’s better to just tell the truth, and don’t come up with a fake excuse to say goodbye. Saying you have to leave and leaving it at that is better than coming up with a lie or even worse: leaving without saying goodbye.

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