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Blog 3 - I know who iam

I Know Who I Am

The road to self-improvement can properly begin once we figure out who we are, and that’s admittedly easier said than done. So if you’re having a difficult time knowing yourself, we’ve got a few tips on self-discovery:
• Make sense of your past.
Take a step back and look at what’s happened in your life. Were there any experiences or events that created such a big impact on you? Or were there moments that hurt you too much that until now, you’re still not over them? Making sense of your past helps you understand how and why the way you are right now.
• Your thoughts or others’ thoughts?
Sometimes we tend to think a certain way because the people around you think that way. So, try and really see if your opinions and beliefs are really yours, or something that everyone has just forced on you. Knowing your thoughts and ideas will solidify your own personality.
• Organize!
If the world around you is messy and chaotic, that’ll affect the way you view yourself, and get in the way of figuring out your identity. Start small – clean up your room, make a schedule for important meetings and days, this’ll help you move forward, and clear the path towards self-improvement.
• Rely on yourself.
If you don’t have self-worth, you’ll always be swayed by others, and lose yourself in what others think you are, rather than what you really are. So, start doing things by yourself even if they may seem scary at first. Book your own appointments. Learn to drive. Be self-reliant. It’ll help you be more confident and confidence is powers!

It’s a difficult journey ahead, but not one that can be done with enough effort and resilience. Learn the Art of the Pitch at JRP.