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How To Adult: Summer Edition


You’re a graduate, done with school and now in the work force. What does that mean? No more sleeping in, no more lazing around all day and no more 104 days of summer vacation. Although, you don’t have as much time as you did as a kid, that doesn’t mean you don’t have summer. So, get your own dose of summertime fun whenever and wherever you can!

1. Take a vacation leave.
Prepare your tickets, line up your itinerary, and leave all your worries behind.Take time off from work! Put yourself in a different atmosphere and get your mind in vacation mode. Make plans to go on that Euro-trip you’ve always wanted or take a cross-country road trip up North. Just make sure you tell your superior about your plans weeks before to help manage you and your team’s workload. Better yet, go on a corporate trip/team building together!

2. Give yourself a break.
You don’t have to be sipping coconut milk in Bali to be able to unwind. Just find the time to take a break in between the daily grind. Get your own piece of summer by grabbing a weekend to a local water park, an overnight trip to hot springs in Laguna or enjoy a one-day beach trip in Batangas. Summer isn’t always about dream getaways but it is also about giving yourself the downtime you need.

3. Spend it with others.
You may have used the “I have work.” card for the nth time but summer is the chance to reconnect with the people in your life. In the humdrum days of the year, summer is a special time where people feel that they can have time off. So, visit your province and exchange how are you’s with your relatives. Say yes to that high school reunion and get lost in nostalgia. Ask your work friends out for a Friday night drink and talk about anything except work.Use summer as an excuse to do special things with special people!

4. Make time for yourself.
Chillax! Summer is the perfect time to take a cool off – from everything and focus on yourself. Give yourself a relaxing water spa day, work on a mural project or start a shell collection. Whatever gives you the alone time to clear your mind, relax and be thankful. So, grab a serving of Halo-halo, Mais con Yelo or Sago’t Gulaman and enjoy your summer days!

Whether you’re on a beach trip vacation or enjoying your home staycation, it’s about giving yourself the summer you deserve. Giving your best starts with being at your best. So, take care of yourself and be the best you with JRP.

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Challenge Yourself This Summer!

Challenge_Yourself_blog3_aprilIs that the alarm? Nope, there’s no need to wake up early, because it’s summer! You can go and do what you want. No piles of schoolwork to fill your hours because your time is yours. So, what do you do with it? Well, here are some new things that you could do to make it count!

Meet new people. How do you do that? Be in an environment that isn’t your usual scene. Why not try taking up a class – Jujitsu, calligraphy or baking – anything that piques your interest. Since this isn’t your regular classroom set-up where no one knows who you are, this means you can be anyone you want to be! This is a good chance to reinvent yourself and let other people see you in a different light. Plus, you don’t have to overthink making friends because you all at least have one thing in common – your class. So, start a conversation on that topic and then chat your way to new ones!

Build a business. Start an online crafts shop, develop a mobile app or create your own YouTube channel. Think of what you’re interested in then build on it as a means to generate income. As for any business, it’s important to have and make the right connections. Ask your friends to get the word out about your crafts shop by sharing it with their friends. Look for inspiration for your app from your experiences of the people around you. Try collaborating with others to get you in their followers’ radar. If you’re the type who likes to be productive, this is a fun way to spend your summer days!

Pursue your passions. Try something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try digital illustration but lack the knowledge to even start. So, what can you do? Research, observe and ask! Learn from people who already know/do this. Ask a friend who’s dabbled with it, search Facebook for interest groups that talk about it or look for a mentor to properly guide you. Whatever the outcome, remember that it’s the experience that makes the project worthwhile!

Make time for family. Take a disconnected, connected break with the family. What does that mean? Connect with your family by disconnecting from your screen. On your family vacation, free yourself from all the distractions – yes, that’s your phone or other gadgets. At first it can be hard but you can try this little game. Put all your gadgets in one bag and the first person to pull theirs out gets a penalty. See who’ll be the first to crack! So, when it comes to the special people in our lives, make it a habit to talk face to face and make them feel that they matter!

Time flies fast. Make every moment count. Immerse yourself in things that matter to you and you’ll be surprised to experience not only new things, but also embrace a new, better you. Experience the world in different ways with new experiences, new people and new perspectives with JRP.

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5 Things to Explore this Summer

Explorethissummer_blog1_apr2016There goes the bell – you know what that means? School is over and summer is here! Now that time is yours, why not take this chance to try things you couldn’t do on a school day! So, how are you supposed to do that without scrolling the day away? It’s all about finding the right balance between your online and offline life. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your summer:

  1. Learn a new skill.

Whether it’s learning how to bake or to play a new instrument, nowadays you can take online courses that are quick and easy. However, you can try other ways to learn that involve more than just you and your screen. You know that friend who makes great red velvet crinkles? Invite her over to hang-out and maybe score a private lesson! She’s sure to give you tips you won’t find anywhere online.

  1. Pay a visit.

Maybe you get to see your relatives on your Facebook feed – like in that recent birthday collage by your aunt but have you seen how your little cousin has grown in over a year or know about your grandpa’s heroic days of yesteryears? There are some stories you can’t tell in a snap. Visit them, chat, and listen. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn through your family’s stories.

  1. Make something.

Redesign your room; create your own phone case or roast up some s’mores! Get inspiration from Pinterest or Tumblr and create something with your hands. You may not find the exact instructions,so just wing it! Trial-and-error is also another way of learning. Let your creativity flow through your fingertips.

  1. Get sporty.

Watching the big game on pay-per-view? Why not try giving the old basketball a dribble. Maybe you’re into ultimate Frisbee or beach volleyball but your friends aren’t? Try looking for a community online that holds events and join in. You don’t have to be a pro so, just have fun with it! You’re raking in experiences, not medals.

  1. Get out of the house.

See your city like a tourist – visit the local museum, city parks, village playgrounds, or head over to the mall for a sherbet. Look online for events that can happen around the city. Facebook has tons of suggestions. So, take to the streets and let the events unfold. On your adventure, you’re sure to meet new people and share new perspectives.

Don’t live your life on the screen. Open your mind to new knowledge online but also stretch out your hand to new experiences offline. You can make the most out of your summer when you choose to live it in both worlds. Learn how you can navigate life on and off the screen with JRP.

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How To Find Your Summer Love


Summer love doesn’t only mean having flings during this season. It means finding yourself and the one thing you are truly passionate about. There are many reasons to fall in love during the summer and those don’t happen only with a person; it can be developing a passion for an activity or a new learned hobby. Still lost? Ask yourself: what have you always wanted to try, but never got around to? Now is the time to explore and discover.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING It’s time to get those sneakers on and start breaking them in. There is a world outside the tap-tap games you have on your phones or the NBA game you play at home on your consoles. The world has a lot to offer, and all you have to do is take it. You can search blogs about hiking areas near the metro and see how it’s going to be like when you venture into this.

COOKING is explorative, and there are many twists you can do to a simple dish. This summer, you finally have the time to learn how to make your favorite dish and add some of your own flavors to it. What’s even more fun is perfecting a dish, serving it to your family and seeing the delightful reactions they will have once they have tasted your delicious, hearty meal.

TRAVELING AROUND THE COUNTRY would be a wonderful summer kind of love too. It will teach you different cultures of other people and see the beauty of your own country. See for yourself why so many people around the globe are drawn to like Bacolod, Cebu, Palawan, and the like. Take photos of these beautiful locations and appreciate the scenic backdrop.

RESTAURANT HOPPING is a way to fall in love with different cuisines and new dishes. For starters, if you don’t like sushi why not give it a try? If you don’t like dumplings, why not share an order with a friend? Take advantage of the free time you have and become the ultimate foodie. JRP tip: document your experience and start a food blog!

PUTTING UP  YOUR OWN BUSINESS is definitely a long-term kind of love. Starting your business can be a bit tricky, especially if there is a monopoly, so it’s best to add a personal touch. If you want to start up a business, think of what you want to invest in and spend on. Seek advice from people whom you know have knowledge about this and see if you can handle it on your own, or if you would need to involve a partner.

Nevertheless, whatever kind of love you find this summer, enjoy and make the most of it. Don’t waste your time on sitting around and doing absolutely nothing. For more tips on personal development, contact John Robert Powers today!