The Tell Off

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Managing your people is already a difficult enough act, even if your people are working well. It becomes doubly difficult then, when employees make mistakes that you just can’t ignore. Although the act of reprimanding someone is never, ever fun, it is necessary for your employees to do better and to keep them from making the same mistakes again in the future. We’re here to help you find the best way to tell off your employees.

1. Tell them now.
While it’s tempting to wait a bit before reprimanding your employees, it’s probably best for you to do it ASAP so they can fix their mistakes quickly, and with minimal damage. The same goes for praising your employees—if they do something great, tell them right away!

2. Write down exactly what you want to say.
Write down all the things you need to cover with your employees beforehand. So, when you actually get to the tell off, you don’t stray too far off the topic or bring in previous mistakes that have already been addressed.

3. Help out.
Make sure you offer help in correcting your employees’ mistakes. As their boss, you would know better and your guidance is of great help to them. It also makes them feel safer to ask help from you in the future in the event that they’re uncertain about something they’re doing.

4. Keep things private.
Lastly, make sure that you do the tell off in private. Nothing is worse than having to be told off in front of other people. Even such a minor rebuke in front of others can have negative effects on people.

When your employees know what needs to be done, it’s good news for everyone. Learn more at John Robert Powers.

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